How to Make Your Boyfriend Love to Kiss

Even the sexiest, most attractive women experience a time in their lives when they find themselves in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t particularly like kissing. This is a surefire mood-killer, and it can lead to feelings of inadequacy. Women often link how desirable they are to how much their partners like to kiss and so forth. Luckily, there are actually things you can do to help guarantee that your guy loves to kiss you.

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1. First of all, make sure he knows that you enjoy kissing him. Let him know and tell him that you wish it would happen even more often. Tell him that kissing him is a vital part of keeping the fire alive in your relationship. However, make sure he realizes that you aren’t basing the whole relationship on one physical attribute. But it is definitely ok to emphasize that for the purpose of enhancing your intimacy and solidifying your togetherness.

2. Pay close attention to how he kisses you. Is he gentle or does he seem to prefer a harder approach? Is it a quick peck on the lips, or is his mouth open in a lingering expression of passion? While you may not necessarily prefer the same as he does, be careful not to be critical of his kissing. His aversion to kissing may be because he feels inadequate. Instead of tearing his self-esteem apart, this is your chance to make him more confident. Allow him to lead, and very gradually try new things. If he kisses softly, do that and slowly add more forceful pressure. Or catch him off guard with an unexpected kiss in your desired style. He will see that no one kissing style is perfect, and he will become more comfortable with kissing you.

3. As his confidence increases, he will come to really enjoy kissing you. Shower him with praise and encourage him to try different techniques of kissing. Help him to see that practice not only makes perfect --- it is lots of fun, too!

4. Don’t assume that you are a perfect kisser. Ask him what he likes and show him that you want him to enjoy kissing you. He will appreciate your interest in his pleasure.

5. If he continues to seem hesitant, teasingly call him out on it. Tell him that being nervous is silly because he is a great kisser. Any boost to his confidence will help him want to try more.

6. Do not always wait for him to make the first move. If he hesitates, it is ok for you to move in and kiss him first. Most guys are turned on by this assertiveness, so you may find that you get more kisses in return.

7. Chances are, he will be shocked by your assertive first move, so don’t take it personally if he doesn’t kiss back immediately. If he doesn’t’, move in and kiss him again. Do not back away and be offended or upset.

8. Do not attack him, though. Move in slowly and gently. You don’t want to scare him away!

9. Be sure to make eye contact with your man as you go in to kiss him. The eyes are a window to the soul, and this will help you to transmit emotions to your partner.

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