How to Move in For a Kiss: Tips for Guys

Many guys just don’t know how to effectively move in for a kiss. If you follow the simple rules given in this article, you will look like a pro, even on the first date.

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1. Start off with a place that is romantic and out of the public eye. One of the best places for a kiss, especially a first kiss, is at one of your homes or at the movies. Having something in the background like a television or a radio can be helpful because you have something to focus on but you don’t really HAVE to focus. Have your partner sitting, and make sure you are close enough to touch without being too far into one another’s personal space.

2. Ease your arm around your partner. This should be a slow and gentle move so that you are just barely touching her. This is calming and creates anticipation.

3. Gradually move yourself close to her and make it more obvious that you are pulling her closer to you. Be careful to notice how she reacts to this. If she seems to lean in towards you, you can know that she is interested. However, if she seems to pull away, make sure you respect that and allow her to do so.

4. Move your arm so that it is near her neckline. At this point, most girls will move in towards a guy and get comfortable and settled. This is a sure sign that she is ready. If she seems uncomfortable, again, back away.

5. Gently rub her shoulders. If she pulls away from you, she is letting you know she wants you to stop.

6. Softly run your fingers along her neckline as you continue to rub her shoulders. Gradually let your fingers move to her ears and very gently stroke the lobes. This is an erotic spot that can create an immense sense of pleasure.

7. Continue to gently rub her ear lobes and easily move your fingers along her jawline. When you sense that she is ready, turn her face towards yours. As she is turning to face you, lean down slowly. Make eye contact with her and move towards her lips.

Helpful Hints:
• Notice her reactions as you move in to kiss. Watch for positive or negative body language.

• Be gentle in everything that you do.

• If anything seems awkward or if you get any sense that your partner does not want things to happen, stop immediately.

• Be careful about kissing on the first date. Some people choose to wait until a second or later.

• Sometimes it is helpful to lean in a kiss your partner on the cheek before moving in for a lip lock.

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