How to Seduce Any Woman on The First Date

Physical intimacy on the first date is a big deal for both the guy and the girl. In order to bring that kind of intimacy you have to play some basic techniques. Simple and classic techniques like reading the palm or kissing the hands are great helpers. Women are uncomfortable with touch and that too when it’s the first date! These techniques are a means to create an opportunity for both of you so that she becomes familiar with your touch, so that you can move to the next level.

Women don’t want the men to think that they are easy to get. They dread what is known as the ‘slut complex’. She knows that if she agrees to sleep in the very first date, she will be labeled a ‘slut’. So, she will always reject you initially. Both of you desire the same thing. But they wont ever admit it first. Neither will you say it aloud. So what you do is indulge in the mind games which women are very much prone to.

Palm reading is a good place to begin with. Before you touch her, ensure that she is comfortable with you and is relaxed. Moreover, you need not be one who is an expert palm reader. Just use some jargon and she will believe you. Tell her that she will be tested at her professional skills in the next week. This is very generic, but she will start thinking. By this stage you will know quite a lot about her. So you know what you have to say that will impress her. Hence get on the game as soon as possible.

Ask her to close her eyes, and gently kiss her on cheek or neck. If she reacts warmly, go further. If she doesn’t like it, then resort to some other talk where you can know more about her so that she trusts you. Let’s presume that she react favorably to your kiss and the tension is pretty evident between you and her.

Since she is fine with you kissing her you can proceed and touch her thighs gently. Be gentle and relaxed when you do this. Don’t jump your limits as of now. You can end up embarrassed. She may be stunned by this move of yours. She may have other ideas about how things should happen between you and her. Her conscience might be restricting her to go all the way on the very first meeting.

Be cool and relaxed. Behave as if nothing has happened and begin from where you were earlier. As time passes, she will be more relaxed with you and will respond favorably to all you.

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