Impressing a Girl– Just Be Natural!

Many men seem to be grappling with this one question : how to impress a girl? They do all crazy things – imitating someone to impress a girl. But the first thing that you should firmly embed in your mind is that girls do no like anything that is not genuine or unoriginal. But most guys try to hide their real self and portray a different personality in front of the girls. No wonder why these men never succeed in finding their girl. Read on to know how to impress girls.

The first step you do is not to try to impress her. This may sound strange since your primary intention is to impress her. But the problem here is when you want to impress a girl you tend to show off a lot. You tend to become a lot more superficial and completely forget your true self. This will make the girls view you as a guy who does nothing but show off. The best mantra is to be yourself with the girl and let things happen naturally.

Believe me what talents you have imbibed naturally are enough to impress a girl. It is not your social status or you money that impresses her. If a girl gets attracted because you are rich, she will ditch you once she feels you are not worth her. She is attracted to your wealth and not your personality. The talents you have are good to impress a girl. You need girls to respect you for what you are naturally and not for anything physical like money or looks and other aspects.

So explore the talents that you have. Remember that these girls get approached by men who try to impress them in various ways. So if you want the girl to take notice you have to be different. If you follow the crowd, you will soon get lost. Don’t change your personality for her. Be your natural self. Don’t talk to her with the sole intention to have her. Go deeper, value the relationship. One things that invariably turns on a woman is intelligence. You can develop your intelligence by reading books and being up do date with whats happening around the world. You have to talk good and be clear when you communicate if you want to impress the girl.

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