Instant Attraction Mantra: Maintain Your Cool

Let me explain you something. When you approach a woman, a woman forms the first impression on you by interpreting your body language and other subtle indications. This first impression has to be good because it will be very difficult to change the first impression in future.

The impressions or the opinion she forms upon you are from your body language. Mostly what is evaluated is your ability to remain calm and composed. Composed people attract a woman.

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Lets take a practical situation. You are on a date and on returning to your car you find a ticket. Some men get enraged and lose composure. For some it is not at all an issue and they simply remain unperturbed.
Obviously she will prefer the guy who is calm instead of the guy who is cribbing and engraged.

I am going to tell you a secret that will enable you to instantly attract women towards you. Take a mental exercise. I give you a mystery to solve. You have one day to find if anyone is lying to you. if you succeed you win a huge amount. If not your death is immediate. So how do you go about finding the liar? You simply put a test on each.
You test them several times.

This is what exactly women do with men. When you first approach a woman, everything she says is her test to you. woman will first and foremost test your composure. It is a simple test which will reveal her if you are worth her or not depending on how you deal with the situation.

I was very fortunate to learn the ropes of getting woman since I was guided by the best of the persons. Whenever a woman tested him or created a scene, he would simply ignore it and continue with what he was doing. It is very similar to the ticket instance I told you above.
Remember this : Never lose your calm

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