Overcome Your Fear of Being Sexually Attractive

You can flirt when you are the best and love yourself. You will be able to show your personality to others. If you are so, soon you will have guys seeking you and girls voluntarily giving you their numbers.

What’s true of you when you are at your best, completely and utterly?

What is the one thing that happens when you are at your best?
You know this, because you too have experienced those magical moments. And these are the moments you are at your best and begin to realize the dreams you have always dreamt of. This is the time when you are best, magical and feel abundant. You clearly know how you want your life to shape up as. You create the circumstances that are best suited for you. You flirt big time and who knows you may find the partner you have been looking for quite sometime now.

Creating better beliefs
Our beliefs govern what we act on. Beliefs is our way of seeing what the truth is. It is primarily their function. Many believe that beliefs are something which cannot be changed. But this is only a myth. The fact is that beliefs can easily be changed. It is up to you to shun the beliefs you do not believe in. flirtatious people believe in positive beliefs and they just go for them. They are confident that they are popular and desirable. They are deeply interested in other people and are able to bring in a little happiness to all. The lesser confident are those who are stopped dead in their tracks because of what they believe in. They believe themselves to be unattractive and will always act so.

You also must be having some very positive beliefs about yourself. Now is the time that you actually make efforts realizing them. How you do it is shown below:


• Think up a belief you want to realize
• Create a brief sentence to reinforce that belief
• Two possible phrases to start with are ‘ I can…’ or ‘I am…’
• Now repeat this: ‘ I am (the belief) when I am my best’
• Choose an personality whom you think is the one who has actually realized the belief. If you want to be the hottest singer, think of a popstar you really idolize.
• Observe keenly how your idol behaves, moves, breathes, acts etc
• Imitate him or her.
• Speak out the belief loud.
• Continue to stand there for a while with the body stance of this new belief.

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Repeat as often as you want to. The more you do it, the more your body will actually transform itself to realize the belief. The more you will go closer to your ideal world.

Then before you even realize it, you will start transmitting these signals in to the world. You will act and move in the way you have always wanted to.

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