The Repercussions of Lacking Sexual Confidence

All of us have had this experience when we know deep within that some person is attracted to you, yet instead of going ahead we start to doubt ourselves. You doubt about you interpreting the signals correctly or not. You doubt if you attraction was only from your side whereas the other party might have just wanted a genuine friendship. You go to the extent that you think its all your fantasy for anyone to find you attractive.

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1. Lack of sexual confidence can affect your own capability of taking decisions and trusting your natural instincts.

You yourself are not convinced that you can attract a man or woman and hence do not declare when you find or know someone is attracted to you. This is also a convenient arrangement you resort to so that you may not face the odd situation of being rejected if you go ahead. In order to attract a woman or man to yourself, the sexual energy and vibes you give out have to be intense rather than you suppressing them. If you want to make the person feel deep, you have to let your sexual energy flow freely.

2. Lack of sexual self confidence can stop you from realizing your full potential.
You constantly doubt your abilities or feel something missing in you or feel that all men and women in the universe are superior t you. You lead a life wherein you believe that you are completely incapable of attracting someone into your life.

All this kind of attitude makes you never enjoy a date or a conversation. You can know everything about the moves, tricks, seduction techniques and can also interpret the body language your partner shows but on your part you do not display any of these traits. You may get sexually aroused but the beliefs that you have long inculcated into your mind come in your way and you end up enjoying nothing.

In the end you enjoy nothing and instead build up a tremendous amount of stress into your system. You are viewed by the whole world as someone who has nothing unique about himself/herself.

3. Lack of sexual confidence can make you superficial.
You have an image in your mind about how you want to look or talk and you overdo it. You end up looking too much sexy, do too much smart talking and in the end up you leave people with an impression which makes them think that you are just a fad. People perceive that you have no inward personality and that you love to show off. Women feel that you just a bubble which has nothing but air filled inside it. They doubt your commitment to a long term relationship.

So even though a person is interested in you, you end up with nothing. You react so fast and so loud that you make the other person uncomfortable only to drive him away. Or in your wish to be cautious you move so slowly that the person loses all the interest that he/she had. So you end up back at the same square – all alone.

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