Some Kissing Tips

Below you can find some useful tips, that will help you become a god kisser:

• Some people do not like a hard, pushy tongue. Remember to be soft and gentle at all times. Use the same amount of pressure you would use to lick an ice cream cone, unless you partner has made it clear that he/she enjoys a little roughness. It is ok to vary things up a bit as long as everyone is happy. So, try a little bit of everything.

• Braces will not keep you from French kissing, but you do have to take some extra precautions. Do not let the braces touch, and do not rub your tongue across the braces because it could get cut.

• Another thing that people worry about is the extra saliva that accumulates when French kissing. It is possible to swallow things as you are kissing, but if that seems awkward, it is perfectly acceptable to back away momentarily. It is better to interrupt the moment for that reason before it is interrupted by the excess saliva.

• Keep in mind that you do not have to kiss a girl that you are not comfortable with, and you are not obligated to continue a kiss, even if you were willing at the onset, if you become uncomfortable at any point. Simply pull back and make sure your partner is realizes that you want to stop. There is nothing wrong with saying no.

• Be careful not to bit your kissing partner’s tongue. While a nibble may seem like a good idea, biting too hard can definitely ruin the mood.

• It is ok to kiss regularly, as well. You or your partner may not be up for French kissing, and that is perfectly ok. You only need to do what feels right.

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