Things Every Guy Should Know About Attractive Women

Attractive women are becoming crazy these days. This is because they are vexed with boredom.

The Reason?

Attractive women have nothing to challenge them. They can sleep with any guy they wish to. Most people are ready to go to any limits for her. She can have men pay for fulfillment of wishes. She has people buying her all that she can imagine. All her friends wish to be like her and always look upon her and her leisure in life. Yes, they are jealous too but that another face of the story.

Ultimately, attractive women feel superior to everyone else. This is because each person they interact with makes them feel so, irrespective of the other party belonging to the same or opposite sex. And when you feel that you are above all, you feel no hesitation in treating others with less respect than what you expect others to show you.

They have no issues when sleeping, or being dishonest. But if she encounters someone who is as good as are or better the situation changes for her. But the crucial part is that the other person must match her to say the least.

And this is the reality.

You may have encountered situations wherein the women vanishes or doesn’t contact you after your fist date. This is because in the first date you have treated her as superior all the time making yourself inferior to her.

You smile at her, are too nice to her, buy her exotic dinner or garment and try to show off your worth. These very deeds tell her that you are not matching her.

Many guys act mean and clearly make it evident that they are inferior. Any women can see this as a ploy by you to make up for your low opinion about yourself.

Believe me attractive women are BOMBARDED by men and they have to decide if a guy is worth their time or not. Hence the first impression matters the most. Attractive women will find you attractive, if you make them feel your superiority over them.

Some guys think that a nerd kind of behavior would impress these women. But this kind of show off will give an impressing that you are insecure and cruel. Hence being too nice or too bad is not the solution.

When a woman calls her boyfriend a jerk, but doesn’t break up with her this means that the guy is not jerk in reality but just a confident guy who cannot be forced and has an independent thinking for himself.

There are things you have to do to show you real value – known as intrinsic value.

Few ways to show your SIV (SUPERIOR INTRINSIC VALUE ) are given below:

1. Tease her in a light hearted manner. It could be something she did or dons. Doing this shows you are bold and care a damn.

2. Do not force her into things, just enjoy the talk with her.

Don’t compliment her too much or else she will suspect some motive behind you praising her. Do not lean toward her when she speaks. This will tell her that you are not desperate and do not need the pressure tactics to get things done.

3. Hit on another women when talking to her.

4. Be confident and charismatic. Uou can develop charisma and boost your confidence by using subliminal messages.

5. Don’t try hard to develop rapport. Be playful and accuse them of indulging in naughty things. This will make the chemistry between you towards the fun side.

6. If you let her know the tantrums she plays she will know that you have experience with other women and know how to handle and react.

7. Never tolerate any disrespect but tell them in a way that is firm and not emotional. This tells her that you are respected by a lot of people and that she also will have to give you the due respect or else lose you.

The above methods are only a few ways of showing your SIV. Once a woman knows that you are superior to her she will invariably be attracted towards you. Your superiority will spark the attraction in her.

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