Things Men Should Know For Seducing Women

Seducing woman has long been a mystery for men. There are perhaps millions of them who are devising ways and methods to seduce them, but to no success. Women, by themselves never say clearly what they want or even worse, even if they tell, men are stupid enough never to understand it fully.

Since past 10 years women have been telling many things to me. Let me share some of the with you. These are things that have made them get obsessively attracted to men. These men invigorated their emotions, made them “feel” things and thus started a slow process of building a high level of attraction.

Seduction is a slow process just as a foreplay should be. Even if you are the one making the moves, it is woman herself who ultimately does the self seduction.

1. "Make me feel happy. Let me forget all my worries and negative emotions for some time"

Women are on the look for men who can do things differently. They want men who can assume new roles and can handle them. Woman want their men to make them feel things – emotions and experiences they have never been through earlier. They want men to be playful and mischievous.

The whole point in being playful and mischievous is to titillate her. Now don’t be playful just for the sake of it. Slow seduction is a very complex art that you need to know. Teasing her in the right way can make her “feel”, can make her shake off all the reluctance she has with you. But be brief while you tease her. Some of the teasers are “You are my greatest weakness”, “You make my heart sing”, “Don’t be silly dear”.

Teasing can also help you accelerate the sexual tension between you and her. It could make you enjoy a phase which would have required ages otherwise. Saying things like, “ Hey, I will surely take you to the boat sometime” can be such accelerators.

Prod her anxiety, stimulate her to imagine things, exploit her instincts till the moment she openly admits her attraction towards you. When the relationship you share with her is on track, a woman feels many things.

2. “ What have you been planning. Tell me all and be real about it”

Men always falter at this stage. They reveal all and hence all their efforts go down the drain. They think that woman is enjoying with him, so must be attracted to me, hence it is the right time to go the next level up. Never think like this!

A man can make no big a mistake than hastening things. If you are hasty it only shows how inexperienced and eager you are. Be very clear that woman want things to go slow and it is a lot slower than what you think slow is.

Having taken lessons about speed, strike the emotions now. Emotions are perhaps the most important for a woman. While conversing try to use words which will invoke emotions in her. For example if you want to describe your like for photography, tell her all about your passion for it and how you feel what a picture can say a thousand things. Communicate in such a way that she herself experiences all you say. And yes this is possible with the words you use while talking to her. But be careful not to be slimy in your language. It will lower your opinion in her eye. Using such language wherein you give importance to the physical aspects rather than to the emotions is attractive but never recommended. Emotions are what you should work at.

Use words that can make women feel relaxed and happy. Be lively in your conversations. When you use words like amazing, wonderful, mind blowing, incredible – these words stir the deepest emotions in woman.

Make her feel excited, nervous and instigate her wildest of imaginations. If you can make her think,” This is the best thing happening” or “Now you want me”, you are already way ahead into making her yours.

3. “ Really? Show and prove all you have said is real”. Its all about fulfilling promises.

This is for sure that women do love to be seduced, but only for so long as you can really do things you have made them imagine. After some time a woman will have gauged your intensions and would foresee the future, but won’t feel let down at least.

This is where most men under perform. They are not able to do things they have promised. It is certainly doing injustice when you play with someone’s hopes, only to give her miniscule awards for all the time they have been waiting.

Never underestimate a woman. Respect her and her intelligence and you will reap great results. If you make them wait for something very trivial you would lose them forever. Not delivering or performing as you promised is the biggest disappointment for a woman. She will always feel the missing part, even though she never utters a word. One thing about sexual emotions is that there is always some room for improvement – either for you or her or both of you.

4. “ Do things that will make me never forget you”

The basis if simple – make her feel things, strengthen it with layers of emotions and you are sure to have a great relationship.
You will definitely want her to remember you forever. So do something that will make her remember you forever. The best place to do this is the starting point. Follow the same rule. Seduce her, attract her, make her experience new emotions and you are sure to have embedded yourself in her mind and life forever. Still better, you may even spark off a new session – I only hope you understand what I am hinting at.

Call it foreplay or afterplay. Women are concerned with the experience of it. And it is better for men to understand this as soon as possible.

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