Top 5 Tips to Attract and Seduce Women in Nightclubs

The most likely place where you can meet some hot women are the nightclubs. But the circumstances can be pretty tricky for you to handle. Why? There will be a lot more competition for you there. There will be guys who are wealthier, good looking and with better physique than you. But no issues, with these tips you can easily conquer the girl of your choice. Just use the following tips and all things will fall into place.

Display ‘Social Value’

Women would like to date a person who has a social value. You need not do great deeds to prove your social value. Just a warm greeting, the way you smile is good enough for women to evaluate your social value. Women like to date men who are at ease when in a group. It is all in the mind. We are at ease with a person, with whom we can talk. This is why many young girls find it easy to interact with older men. Older men are experienced and know precisely how to play the game of social confidence.

So apart from looks, woman also like to see if the man has the social confidence and power to deal with strangers.

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Make an ENTRY that all notice

I am sure you must have observed how celebrities make an entry. Try to imitate them. While you enter and club, observe all while you stand still. Search for a special friend you are looking for. While you are doing so, arrange for some friend to approach you and mob you (sounds strange, but this works). Greet them well, and appear as if you are a guy who mixes well with all around.

Smile and greet

If you happen to see anyone who is smiling at you, return the smile to them. Keep smiling and if anyone smiles back, be it a girl or guy, go ahead and introduce yourself. Shake their hands and give it a gentle squeeze. If they tell you something, hug them but in a friendly manner. Don’t start with your pick up lines as yet, it will be too soon. Wait for the appropriate time.

Introduce yourself to as many as possible

Introduce yourself with every new girl you meet. The entire female folks of the club will be watching you. Move and flirt among girls and introduce them to each other. Show how well connected and popular you are. Just tell them that you want to introduce some good friends. This will make the girls notice how many people you know there.

You are the subject of discussion now!

Gradually the girls with start interacting. Move out for a few minutes so that they can know each other well. But be back and you would notice that all have been discussing you only. Each of them will vie for your attention. The seduction game has started and you are in total control!

Now you can pick whomever you wish to. Try the above technique at any club or bar and you will be able to have any woman you lay your eyes on.

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