Tips for Introverts: How To Pick Up Women

Question: I am not a very social guy. I am mostly introvert in nature and so it is all the more difficult or me to meet and mix up with women. Please help me out.

“Do your niche work”. This is a fundamental rule which is followed by many and talked about by even more number of people. This is a rule which will help you achieve success with women. “Niche work” here means that one should find places and occasions where he can interact with a lot of women. If you are a seducer who does not follow this simple rule it is as good as a ship without a radar. You will always be heading towards destinations about which you know nothing, except hoping to come across by sheer luck. While those who follow this rule lead their ship of life to a destination where they know for sure to get into meeting woman. It is as simple doing your preparation for an exam you are appearing next week or month. And it is not at all easy to find the “niche work”. Simple rule to follow is not to refuse any invitations.

There are many men in this world who simply turn down any invitation that they get and yet wonder and are depressed as to why they don’t have any interesting female company or girlfriend. It does happen that refusing invitation becomes so routine and casual to you and you do not look at them opportunities to socialize with women. What you do when you receive any invitation is turn it down without even giving a thought to it.

To build an awareness as to how much this “refusing invitation” attitude you have, try the following. Over the next few weeks, accept all invitations. True that there might be some where you won’t be comfortable but this will just help you know how many opportunities you may have lost earlier. Also, you will now be aware how much a “no guy” you had become.

Fear: Meeting new people sends jitters to you. Hence you conjure excuses like ,”Oh I am so sorry, I wont be able to make it sinice I have to be at my job early tomorrow” or “ I cant afford to spend so much on beer”. Once you recognize such indications, the thing that it is imperative upon you is to accept invitations.

Being prejudiced: This is another form in which fear manifests. You think that people, especially if they are new to you, would be too good or too bad for you. This time too, you should become aware of such feelings and accept all invitations.

Pessimism: A pessimist is always hell bent in proving why things wont be in his or her favor. They always look at an opportunity as a waste of time. They think that an invitation is not worth accepting because there would a few women at the occasion and that too would be old or fat. So recognize if you too have this kind of attitude and next time say a yes to any invitation that you get. Yes is the keyword you have to use each time you get an invitation.

Saying yes to invitation has a lot many benefits than providing you opportunities to meet women. I tell about a real instance of such a benefit. One of my students had enrolled himself into a humor improvement class. He loved the class, so here by accepting invitation to this class he has improved his life by adding a skill to himself. Bret, who was a colleague from the humor class once asked him out for a beer. Normally, my student would have refused, but he said yes to it. They want to a nearby bar where he met many of Bret’s friends whom he too liked. Over a period time, going for a beer after class became a regular thing for them. Thus he expanded his social circle. Bret and he also began to attend many events like rock concerts and had great time together.

A few weeks after they had developed good friendship, Bret invited him to dinner. My student accepted the invitation again and here was when he met a young and attractive girl named Nicky. Their frequencies matched greatly and in no time they became an adorable pair. Thus saying “yes” ultimately proved very much beneficial to the student, since he could find a partner as well as friend for himself.

This is how people meet and ultimately become partners or lovers. Saying yes to an invitation will help you expand your social circle, to say the least and you may find out the ideal partner on such occasions. As with the case of the student cited above, many people meet during such interactions where they get to know each other and ultimately build up a relation. Hence, never refuse a chance to socialize. This is niche work which has immense potential to be of benefit to you. Combine niche work with invitations and you will definitely see your social life improving greatly and will surely meet women.

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