3 Tips to Seduce All Types of Women

All men look for quick shortcuts in order to be able to attract women. In fact there are no such shortcuts, since some techniques which work with some might not work with some other woman. However, there are some general aspects which are common to all and can boost your dating. This article explains you about tools you can use and using which you can seduce a woman. These are about confidence and body language.

Confidence is what woman look for first in a man. If you feel lack of sexual confidence - try Subliminal Images program, it will make you more confident and attractive.

With the help of this software you can develop a so-called "alpha male personality", just use images of brutal males and sexy girls and add affirmations like "I am confident", "I am attractive", etc.

Here are 3 additional tips on how to be confident enough to seduce a woman.

1. Don’t bank on one girl only. This will make you desperate. So be patient and keep dating more than one woman (at least) before you find out with whom you want to be serious with. This will always leave you options if you feel you cannot handle any one girl.

2. List out all that makes you feel confident. It could be an achievement in your past or qualities that you have. Go over this list before you approach a woman or ask a woman for a date.

3. Reading about gaining confidence is good but you have to practice it to apply it in real. Chat rooms are a great avenue to get in to a seductive conversation with any woman. Test all the lines that you have in your mind to find out how seductive you can be.

The next part below give some guidelines on what body language you should have to seduce women of your choice.

1. Do you want to kiss her? Use body language. Try this. Lean close and fondle her hair. Praise how soft her hair is. If she has not pulled away by now, she wants to be kissed. So now look into her eyes and then at her lips. If she still doesn’t turn away, she will not stop you from kissing. This is her way to say yes to you kissing her. Believe me, I have tried it numerous times and have never failed till now.

2. This second tip goes in tandem with confidence. Choose someone you know has been successful with a lot of women. Study all his move, the attitude he carries, the body language he displays, the way he breaths, the expressions he puts and every detail to the minutest level. And you just imitate him. I can give you all knowledge about how physiology and your behavior are related but I will preserve that for sometime in future. I too have studied someone and simply imitated his ways. It is the simplest way to build up the confidence you to talk to women.

The above tips to seduce women with your confidence and body language will propel you ahead into your quest to attract and seduce them. The rest you can do by learning some collection of tips which are to be used in the appropriate situation. So get started right now with these tips about seducing woman and you will soon be master at this art of attracting woman into your life. You can also use special self hypnosis software, that can boost your self-confidence. One of the most popular self hypnosis programs is Subliminal Flash, it is based on subliminal messages.

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