Top Six Qualities of Naturally Seductive Men and Women

My advise to people who come to me for helping them in overcoming the hesitation which they face to approach or seduce with the opposite sex is :
“Unless you are confident about you sexual self, you can never be relaxed and at ease with any sexual activity.”

You may be basically a very descent guy, full of fun and excitement and all the ingredients which make you just perfect. But if your sexual self is corrupted with all negative elements like lust, frustration, low confidence, anger, jealousy, insecurity you will never be at best with your sexual intensity. Your sexual power will be subdued or will be violent.

If women come to know that you lack intensity of the sexual self because of the difference they see in your words and actions they will dump. You will not be seen as someone who values a relationship. You will have to put up a hard fight to sustains women’s interest in you. No matter what you try – the sexy body language or the pick up lines they might not be helpful to you. You will become a spectator in your own life watching your woman go far away from your life with each passing moment.

Yes, if you are handsome or beautiful, have a good sense of humor, an irresistible personal (mind you not sexual charisma) or if you are filthy rich, you can lure a man or a woman to date you for some months. But deep within if you are not in harmony with your sexual self the relationship begins to shake. You will get tired of pretending what you are not. You will no longer feel like doing things to impress your woman or man. Ultimately, your partner too will realize this and will call it quits and move on in life.

Seducing is not a scientific technique. There are a lot of factors which determine how seductive a pair can become.

1. They seduce not as some mechanical routine, it is an integral part of them.
Men and women who are attracted to each other have an amazing seductive pull among them. Their energy waves are in perfect harmony and seductiveness becomes a part of their personality and relationship. This great harmony makes them more attractive and stay together. This is very different from being “hot” or “sexy”. Being hot or sexy is not at all related to the perfect synchronization of their sexual energies. Sexual synchronization creates a great bonding in their lives.

2. They are immensely self confident to the extent that others get motivated by them.
They are very clear as to what they are and what they want in life. They are sure what they deserve and are focused in every sphere of life. Yet they are humble and never feel the need to prove themselves. “Alpha male” on the other hand is the one who largely shows off himself. This kind of confidence is very rare to be found either in women or men.

3. They focus on deeper aspects.
These kind of people are not bothered with the physical and superficial aspects. Their focus is on the emotional aspect. They are so passionate about what they are and what they like that the person (man or woman) in their company has an entirely out of the world experience being in their company. This heightens the level of seduction they experience and hence the overall relationship shifts to a high level.

4. They need not plan seduction
Seduction becomes natural part of them. They need not plan it or script how they are going to seduce each other. None of them is the initiator or the participant. They have their own unique way of seduction. They are so perfectly in sync with their sexual instincts that they need not plan out anything. It just happens for them.

5. They enjoy every bit of the seduction game
It never happens that one of them is uncomfortable with the seduction game. Everything they come across comes under their irresistible charm of seductions. They are the kind of people who will inspire others to follow their lifestyle. Seduction is a gift given to them and it happens just naturally to them.

6. Reinvention : A constant process for them
As mentioned earlier, they need to plan or script out anything that happens. Everything happens live in their lives. They keep in doing and experimenting thins and emerge with completely novel methods. They never cling to their good old ways. Thus adaptability and constant reinvention keeps their seduction level high.

This is because they are in perfect harmony with their sexual being and do not restrict themselves in any way. This makes them a great channel for a primal force to express itself. By being in perfect harmony, you have allowed your sexual power to reach deep within and it has become so powerful that it can unleash the same power lying unrealized in others too.

Seduction instinct is part of everyone of us. Its only upon us to realize it by using our emotions and sexual instincts.

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