Use Your Body Language for Seduction

One of the factors that will be a deciding factor in you seducing women is your body language. Body language is the tool through which woman can read you. It will them about your attitude and if you are interested in her. If use appropriately, you can assume an alpha male personality which women will find absolutely irresistible. Each move you make, the way you walk, talk, lean etc gives a lot of messages to woman. Hence it is vital that you have the right body language.

Body language to seduce women:

1) Be graceful and confident when you walk : While you walk make sure your back is straight, shoulders are taut and you do not bend. You have to show that you are proud and confident of yourself.

2) If you want to show your sexual intentions while leaning on a wall your hips should be forward and legs apart.

3) When standing hook your thumbs just above your pockets, where your belt is and your fingers should point towards the private parts. This is another method to indicate your sexual desires.

4) A perfect smile is what women love. Fix up your teeth. A smile combined with a perfect set of teeth is a great turn on.

5) Adopt an open body language. Do not sit in a posture wherein you lock your arms and your legs are closed. Open up your arms and legs. Relax your shoulders and have an expression which will make people talk to you.

6) If you happen to make an eye contact never gaze away before her. Make sure that you are not hesitant or conscious of anything. Make your intentions clear that you are interested in her.

7) Stand up to your entire height. This will show that you are confident of yourself. Never bend while you walk or stand. Posture is what tells others about your level of confidence.

8) Try to get close to her. This should be tried if you are sure she is interested in you and is comfortable with you. One way to check her comfort is to play with her things like mobile or handbag and watch her reaction. If the reaction is positive you can move to the next step.

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