WWW- What Women Want

WWW – What Woman Want? This perhaps has been a quest for every male since time immemorial. Every given a thought that what makes some males attract woman almost effortlessly while others slog to get one woman into their life? Do you think that it is natural talent with some to attract woman. Well it is not. Our brains are so adaptive that they can learn anything you want them to. So the differentiating factor among those who attract and those who don’t is that they have learnt and acted upon those learnings.

Does appearance count? Yes it does, but is only one factor among many. You may be Greek God like in looks but if you are devoid of any personality, women will never love to be with you.

I am sure you must have seen many not so good looking guys in the company of ultra sexy women. This is solely because of their personality. Looks play only a part in attracting women to you. Its your personality and your skill at pleasing a woman that counts in the end.
So what are the tricks to impress a woman? This is not a generic technique. Each woman has her own likes and dislikes. You will have to experiment and then learn. Slow and steady wins the race.

What should I do now? Be bold. A woman is impressed the most when she sees a bold male. The moment you see an attractive woman, go talk to her. There are countless men in this world who dread approaching a beautiful woman for fear of rejection. They are so slow that in the meanwhile other men come and take them away. Strike the iron when its hot! Don’t hesitate – remember the 3 second rule!

What should I talk about after approaching her? this is not a thing that you should have a script for. Be natural. Speak to her about whatever comes up. Don’t be dumb to use any pick up lines. These do not leave a great impression about you on women.

What if get rejected? Well just move on, its as simple as that. Being rejected is not the end of world for you. Do not beg for her. Its her loss if she says no to you. Have this attitude and take life as it comes on to you.

Should I be obedient? Woman always keep saying that they like men who hear them. But the fact is woman like males who are domineering in nature – this is a fact which women never admit. They like men who are self made and can initiate new ventures and be in control.

Does being nice mean I will lose? Yes. No woman prefers men who are nice. Nice men will be preferred by women who want to exploit them or want to make most use of them. You will be just thrown out like trash once you run out of use for women.

Is being a bad boy the trick? Hey, do not interpret me wrong. By dominating I do not mean bad. Be bold and in control, but be in your limits while you do it. Don’t overdo anything. Everything in this world has an optimal level of doing.

Respect yourself. Love the world around you and take life head on. Confidence is what you must build. Looks are what you are born with, you cannot do much about it. Personality is what you can really work on and this is what woman ultimately get attracted to.

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