Your Eyes: A Magnificent Gift to Attract and Seduce Women

Eyes are reflections of your inner self. Eyes are one of the most powerful means of attracting women. You can go to the level of seducing women with your eyes. Below are some tips on how to attract women using the amazing power of your eyes.

Make the most of the amazing power of your eyes. Look deep into her eyes when you talk to her or pass a smile to her. This makes your message embed in her memory. Make it a point that whenever you find a woman you find attractive look longer at her. To add a little spice, a wink will definitely be more helpful.

Always have an eye contact with the woman you are talking with. Constant eye contact shows that you are interested in what she is saying. Be expressive with your eyes, like raising or lowering eyebrow to show your interest in what she says. Listening can happen with both ears and eyes. If you do not have an eye contact this would indicated that you are either bored or you disagree with her views. That will cut short a lovely conversation that you could have for longer duration. But glancing away while speaking means many things. It could mean change of topic or a pause could mean that she has not yet completed what she wants to say and wants to continue it.

Caution: Eyes can be interpreted wrong too!
There are many chances that the language of your eyes might be misunderstood. Not having eye contact can cause a lot of discomfort.

If you avoid eye contact because you are introvert kind of a guy it could be interpreted as you being dishonest or being ashamed of yourself or not having interest in your woman. Too much of anything too is not right and so staring too is rude. Do not look at a woman for more than a few seconds. Look should remain that and not become a stare. If you get some welcome indications from your woman you can look longer. There are a lot of interpretations that can be derived from how a man looks at a woman. A look with no smile is taken as looking right through her, a frown tells her that you are suspicious and arched eyebrows tell that you are angry.

Overcome Your Discomfort
Some men are very shy in nature and find it uncomfortable to look directly into eyes of women. There are lot of ways to overcome this discomfort. Try looking into the pupils for few seconds or look at one eye at a time. One another trick is to observe other facets of face like the lips, nose, cheeks, hair etc and then return to looking into the eyes.

Many people unknowingly drift their gaze to the floor. To overcome this ask yourself “Where are my eyes?” This will help become conscious as to where you are looking and then you can adjust to make direct eye contact. This requires a little practice for some time and gradually you will become so accustomed to it that you will have no discomfort looking into her eyes. To improve your self-confidence use special software, that imprints affirmations into your subconscious mind, making positive changes in your behaviour. Try such program as Subliminal Flash- it is free to try, with its help you can become much more confident in few days.

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