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Instant Attraction Mantra: Maintain Your Cool

Let me explain you something. When you approach a woman, a woman forms the first impression on you by interpreting your body language and other subtle indications. This first impression has to be good because it will be very difficult to change the first impression in future.

The impressions or the opinion she forms upon you are from your body language. Mostly what is evaluated is your ability to remain calm and composed. Composed people attract a woman.

Do the Exact Opposite of a Woman’s Advise on Dating

If you are being advised by a woman about dating never even listen to it. You may feel that a woman is the perfect source to tell you about what a woman wants. But this is never so. There is no greater mystery in this world than women.

Seducing Women: "Alpha Males" and "Bad Boys" Have More Chances

Would you classify yourself as a good boy or a bad boy?

How you see yourself can hold the key to your success with women.
The difference between the two is their way of going about life. It is this that makes the bad boy attract women and even take them home.
So what does the 'bad boy' do to attract a lot more woman?

Seducing Women: Useful Information

The men who find success with women are in minority. They are players and know their game well. They are experts in seducing women and do as if they had a magic mantra to seduce them.

I have researched on these players. I have found that there are some aspects that can be found in all these players. And yes these can be adopted anyone who is yet a non-player and soon can taste success with these traits.

Impressing a Girl– Just Be Natural!

Many men seem to be grappling with this one question : how to impress a girl? They do all crazy things – imitating someone to impress a girl. But the first thing that you should firmly embed in your mind is that girls do no like anything that is not genuine or unoriginal. But most guys try to hide their real self and portray a different personality in front of the girls. No wonder why these men never succeed in finding their girl. Read on to know how to impress girls.

Approaching a Group of Women

This is perhaps the best article written for anyone who wants to know how to pick a woman from her group of friends.

I am sure you are aware of how a lion hunts. Invariably there is an animal which get separated from the group. This is the prey which the lion hunts. Very cautious and patient, it attacks the prey before it realizes its isolation from the group.

Tips for Introverts: How To Pick Up Women

Question: I am not a very social guy. I am mostly introvert in nature and so it is all the more difficult or me to meet and mix up with women. Please help me out.

Dating Tips: Get Her Phone Number for Sure

Irrespective of how strong or bold a man is, it will always be stressful for him to approach a woman. This is the toughest of all parts for all men, since rejection will deeply hurt their egos.

For a man, meeting a woman becomes a tough issue. This I believe is necessary and this is not without experience that I say this. But you should not just sit and hope God or any other miracle to devise things for you. You have to take initiative and try at least.

Dating Tips: Understanding Women's Games

The dating game is a very ancient game and it is very much prevalent in the world. The players are all the men and women of this earth. Men are the ones who plot to get their woman and to seem more attractive to them, while women are the ones defending themselves, or, in other words, enjoying the liberty of choosing their partners.

How Do I Get Women To Take The Initiative and Pick Me Up?

Very often students ask about approaching women at work or ask about places where it will not be good to pick up women. If you don’t want to earn a bad name (so called reputation) it would be good to take an alternative way. A man can reverse the cards, ie he can make a woman pick him up if he uses smart flirting techniques. The means I am talking about is eye contact and artificial barriers which will get women to take the initiative.

Build Charisma to Attract and Seduce More Women

Each one of us feels that one element that can help to be great in dealing with women is charisma. This charisma is what everyone, man as well as woman desires to have.

Many factors are involved when you wish to develop charisma. It is advisable to thoroughly understand these elements. Some feel that charisma is not a thing which can be taught and they are not wrong. Some are naturally charismatic but don’t know how to use it. So it is better to seek guidance from books or articles written by those who have acquired charisma over a period of time.

Speed Seduction Techniques

Where is the beginning of the seduction process?
I ask this question because many men and guys carry a wrong impression about seduction. For them seduction takes shape only when they are lonely with a woman.

Top Ten Signs that Woman is Attracted to You

Flirting is an art form. You need to practice it to attain mastery over it. It consists of giving out not so evident signals at the correct time. But there are lot of resources for guidance on the topic of flirting available these days. But flirting is only a part of the ordeal. You should also have an understanding of the flirting gestures that a woman also drops subtly to know if you are successful with her.

Practical Seduction: Some Conversation Tips For Men

It is not only men who crave sex. Women equally are desirous of it. You only have to know how to tap such an opportunity. The first conversation is a very delicate occasion and should be managed well if you want more such interactions with her. If you don’t plan the first date you may lose her forever. Below are 10 tips which will help you attract woman no matter where you are.

How to Handle Fear of Rejection with Women

Do you experience negative emotions when you have to take the first step to pick up a woman?

Do you feel as follows:
• Find it as tough as breaking a brick wall
• Fear that you may not be accepted by her
• Feel you are hopeless with women
• The attractive power of women overwhelms you
• You desperately wish to control your interaction with women
• Feel left alone and uncomfortable with women
• Are not emotionally at ease with them
• You are too critical about dealing with women

How to Finger a Girl

And now let's discuss how to finger girls. Well, In their teenage most guys want to know about fingering a girl. Fingering for some girls is more innocent process (but with the same pleasure) than if you'd try to do it with your penis, and this is actually the best way to seduce her. This is a great technique to find out what she likes in sex and know about her sexually sensitive spots.

Communication Tips for Shy Guys

The fundamental rules behind how to speak in an assertive and impressive manner can be useful to all of us. Some of these are:

1) Practice speaking from deep.
Most of us do not involve our entire body when we talk. You breath shallowly and this greatly affects the manner in which you speak. The resonance should come from deep and not only from throat, neck and head. Try to origin your voice from chest or even deeper.

Hey Men, Are You Fashionable Enough to be Attractive?

An advise that I always give to students is to invest some money and time on their looks. They can seek help from professionals like hair stylists or salesclerks or people whom they find stylish. The way you dress up does send a message to women around you. The way you dress can send you message which might attract women to you or repel them away. And it is absolutely in your hands if you want to attract women into your life.

One Dating Skill That Guarantees Women Will Always Find You Attractive

Women and their relationship are very interesting and complex matters for one’s study. There are women who know they are seeing a nice guy and like him but when it comes to forging a relationship they begin to have doubts. They are basically combating two contradictory emotions. Common sense tells them that the guy is ideal to have children with, raise a good family, with financial stability. The logical part tells them that although the relationship is ideal it doesn’t sound attractive enough because of lack of sexual fire between them.

Top Six Qualities of Naturally Seductive Men and Women

My advise to people who come to me for helping them in overcoming the hesitation which they face to approach or seduce with the opposite sex is :
“Unless you are confident about you sexual self, you can never be relaxed and at ease with any sexual activity.”

Create Attraction in The First 3 Minutes of Meeting a Woman

It is true that you can create a high level of attraction within the first few minutes after meeting her. It should not take more than 3 minutes if you have the right strategy. First know which category you fall into – the good boy or the bad boy. The category you belong to will be the deciding factor as to what your chances of success are when in the company of women. It will tell if you have been lucky or unlucky when dealing with the intricacies of the fairer sex.

3 Tips to Seduce All Types of Women

All men look for quick shortcuts in order to be able to attract women. In fact there are no such shortcuts, since some techniques which work with some might not work with some other woman. However, there are some general aspects which are common to all and can boost your dating. This article explains you about tools you can use and using which you can seduce a woman. These are about confidence and body language.

WWW- What Women Want

WWW – What Woman Want? This perhaps has been a quest for every male since time immemorial. Every given a thought that what makes some males attract woman almost effortlessly while others slog to get one woman into their life? Do you think that it is natural talent with some to attract woman. Well it is not. Our brains are so adaptive that they can learn anything you want them to. So the differentiating factor among those who attract and those who don’t is that they have learnt and acted upon those learnings.

Why Shy Men Do Not Impress Women

The crucial aspect when you are with a woman is to make her feel safe with you. But you should not overdo this. Because if you overdo it you will suppress your feelings and ultimately you will end up a control freak.

The Fundamentals of the Game of Seduction

Always be well-groomed:
You never know when you might get a chance to talk to women, so make sure you look best always. This doesn’t mean you put on suit always. It just means that your appearance should be clean, your hair decked up right and your shoes has to be descent ( Yes, woman do look at them always). Moreover, if you look good you will be more confident and will be at ease in the company of women.

Does appearance matter?

Become The Bad Boy That Every Woman Wants

It is a known fact that women love guys who portray a bad boy persona or those who are self made and are in control.

Yes, women never admit the above fact. They would go ga-ga over the “nice” guy they desire, but deep inside them, the person they desire is the one who is tough and self made just like the Hollywood movies depict their heroes.

Seducing Women: How to Become an Alpha Male

One secret that has been true since time immemorial is that women have always found alpha males irresistible. The Alpha Male has something about magnetic that causes a lot of women to fall for him.

Women’s getting attracted to an alpha male is as natural as males getting attracted to a woman with a pretty face or curvaceous figure.

Do have any idea about who is an alpha male and how to be so? The first step is to become aware of the characteristics of an alpha male. The following features will be invariably found in all alpha men.

Don’t be Afraid of being Sexually Attractive

Off late, I have been greatly criticized because of the way I define sexual confidence and the views I have expressed about sexual desire. This is because my views are in contrast to what the West thinks. As per me, I feel the West thinking of sexuality is still very primitive. It is dangerous too because it makes men and woman do things which they would never do by themselves. Many still keep their sexual desires very secret and make decisions based on a framework laid down thinking that sexual desires are something that can be subjected to such inflexible mechanism.

Attracting Ultra Sexy Women: Seduce Them With Ease

It is known to all (including women) that an attractive woman invariably gets gazed by men.

This shouldn’t be a new fact for you. Even you have done it at some point of time.

In this article, I will be telling you the best way to attract this kind of women – a kind which is used to men drooling over them and doing crazy things to seek their attention.

But before I begin let me give a small glimpse into what these kind of ultra hot woman experience on a daily basis.

Imagine yourself being a beautiful woman.

10 Types of Guys Women Don’t Find Sexual

It is believed that being attractive though subtle is not very deep and can be easily found within a few minutes of interacting with a person. But few people realize the fact that being “not” attractive also is equally subtle.

I have been an author of may articles which illustrate what women find attractive and how to become so. But it is also vital to learn what drives woman away and evaluate if you happen to possess characteristics which drive woman away.

1. The “Inexperienced”

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