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The Repercussions of Lacking Sexual Confidence

All of us have had this experience when we know deep within that some person is attracted to you, yet instead of going ahead we start to doubt ourselves. You doubt about you interpreting the signals correctly or not. You doubt if you attraction was only from your side whereas the other party might have just wanted a genuine friendship. You go to the extent that you think its all your fantasy for anyone to find you attractive.

Your Eyes: A Magnificent Gift to Attract and Seduce Women

Eyes are reflections of your inner self. Eyes are one of the most powerful means of attracting women. You can go to the level of seducing women with your eyes. Below are some tips on how to attract women using the amazing power of your eyes.

Make the most of the amazing power of your eyes. Look deep into her eyes when you talk to her or pass a smile to her. This makes your message embed in her memory. Make it a point that whenever you find a woman you find attractive look longer at her. To add a little spice, a wink will definitely be more helpful.

Affirmations: NOT to be used for approaching the Opposite Sex

I have lot many people telling me that they have read somewhere about some expert telling that affirmations can help them become more self assured especially when they want to interact with the opposite sex. Words like confidence, sexy, charm etc supposedly help them to gain confidence if repeated again and again. These words become positive mantra for you and can provide you strength to interact with the opposite sex.

Seduce a Woman With Your Talk

If you have been able to seduce a woman, it is never by luck. You have executed your plan in a smart way. Two factors are needed if you want to seduce a woman – self confidence and a sincere interest on your part in her. There are few words which will help you seduce a woman. No matter how tough a woman there are some “magic words” which invariably seduce any woman in this world.

Pitfalls to Avoid While Seducing Women

Lack of Confidence – Confidence is crucial if you want to get the woman you desire. It is the main reason why most men never are able to go even near the woman they want.

Too much drinking – Excess drinking does many things. First you lose control over you mind and body. Second, you smell bad. Third, there are chances that you may become aggressive and act foolishly. None of the above is going to help you to get the woman seduced.

Use Your Body Language for Seduction

One of the factors that will be a deciding factor in you seducing women is your body language. Body language is the tool through which woman can read you. It will them about your attitude and if you are interested in her. If use appropriately, you can assume an alpha male personality which women will find absolutely irresistible. Each move you make, the way you walk, talk, lean etc gives a lot of messages to woman. Hence it is vital that you have the right body language.

Body language to seduce women:

The DO’s and DON’Ts While Seducing Woman

The DO’s and DON’Ts while seducing woman

Be self assured
This is very vital and you must have a lot of it. The more the better. If you lack in it, you can build it over a period of time. One way is to tell a beautiful woman,” Hey, I think you are going to tip over your shoes” and walk away. Try something like the above. It is not a trick to start a conversation, it just aims at boosting your confidence level.

Things Men Should Know For Seducing Women

Seducing woman has long been a mystery for men. There are perhaps millions of them who are devising ways and methods to seduce them, but to no success. Women, by themselves never say clearly what they want or even worse, even if they tell, men are stupid enough never to understand it fully.

How to Seduce any Woman You Want

Each woman is unique, but there are some commonalities which can attract them towards men. You must have a certain kind of charm and aura around you. Your attitude too can play a huge role in making women get attracted to you. There has to some amount of attraction which the woman must feel, before you reach the level of seducing her.

Men with following qualities are certainly to attract women.

Which of these girls would you choose if you were in my place? (my dating story)

Once I met a girl on the ICQ, have been chatting with her for three years discussing the problems of the sense of life, modern and classical poetry, art, psychology all nights through, once we even had a virtual sex experience which gradually grew into a phone sex.

So I was about to start getting ready for a wedding. Out of a
sudden, she sent me a picture of herself, her mom and sister (below) and asked to guess which of the sisters was she. So I’m at a loss. Hey guys, please help me! I don’t know what to do, which one to choose not to be mistaken.

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