All about Hypnosis and Autosuggestion

For many, hypnosis is a huge mystery. Many hesitate to adopt any new technique fearing the negative consequences that one might have to face. This fear is because many people think hypnosis as a tool through which anyone can control our mind. If this was true, then the fear is justified. But, hypnosis is used for healing and psychotherapy and this treatment is not done by acquiring a control over the patient’s mind.

We have progressed very well to unlock the secrets of our brain. And now people especially have realized how important it is to understand and educated the relation between the subconscious and conscious mind. This kind of awareness and education can be spread with the help of a basic level of psychology.

All sciences that have evolved till now have a common pattern. Each began at a physiological level – understanding of the physical complexities, so that they can be corrected through surgery. Gradually they evolved to a level which involved understanding and correcting the psychology so as to control thoughts and emotions. Psychology too is not different. It’s significance has increased since it is at a level beyond the physical and deals with healing the mental disturbances that many of us today suffer from.

However, psychology as a science is still in its infancy. It was a rare to find a profession in this field half a century ago.

Hence, it will take some time for this science to mature, even though the brightest of minds are involved in unlocking the secrets. This is because, understanding human personality and psychology is a very Herculean task. To make matters more complex and difficult, the soul is the newest addition which needs further research. The soul has become a reality with many believers especially those who regularly meditate.

Method methods exist through which psychotherapists help patients to improve by making minor improvements. There are also some basic problems which can be solved with help of professional help. Some of these are problems like smoking, alcoholism, over eating etc. Thus hypnosis can be used to regulate one’s life. One important point to note is that hypnosis can occur only with the consent of the patient. Once he/she agrees he takes some sessions at a hypnotherapy clinic wherein professional help is available.

The negative consequences that people fear on adopting hypnosis is because some people have used this tool for entertainment. It is only now that we are beginning to realize the potential of hypnosis. It can be used to give an indepth understanding of our mind, used in therapy, to focus skills in a particular direction or field like sports or literature. Unfortunately, there are many who have used this technique to gain undue advantage in fields like politics.

Suggestion is a basic tool that is used to gain access to other’s mind. It is through regular repetition of a suggestion that a hypnotherapist helps a person change his thought process.

In auto or self hypnosis, we learn hypnosis ourselves. We use the same principles and tools like repetition of a suggestion to learn them. With help of the power of visualization we create in our minds the ideal image of what we want to achieve. The method is same as that used by any professional. The only difference is we feel more at ease and confident when using it on our own to focus or change our thought process. After all, it is only our mind that we have which is guaranteed to be devoid of any consequences or influence we don’t desire to be subjected to.

Be it your health you want to improve, your attitude, habits or any other aspect you can use autosuggestion. It helps us to bring together and unify the conscious and the subconscious minds. Doing this will help us gain peace and an integrity which will be conducive for our growth.

My recommendation to each one of you is to start learning self hypnosis also known as autosuggestion. The students of Raja Yoga use tool of japa to use this technique. Study of yoga and psychology will help you gain a better insight into the world of modern psychology.
Simple steps like acquiring knowledge about psychology, self hypnosis and practical application of these techniques will help you learn and implement self help tools. You can improve in any field you desire without seeking help from a professional

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