Hypnosis: a Great Tool to Enhance Creative Skills

Each one of us desires to become more efficient in one’s tasks or job. I am sure you like me are in search of tools to enhance your performance.

This is the reason I am giving you some valuable inputs for the same.

Self hypnosis – is the great tool which will help you enhance your creative skills. It is a tool that is easy, handy and no monetary element is involved.

The basic rule that hypnosis adheres to is relaxation. Yes, under hypnosis a person goes into a state of relaxation where he can focus for extended durations. It might surprise you, it is the mechanism of hypnosis.

Actually, each one of us experience hypnotic state in our daily lives, but most of us don’t even realize this fact.

Remember the instances when you have been totally involoved in a task. It could be singing, writing, dancing, painting. All these are examples of you being in a hypnotic state.

My primary intention for using self hypnosis was to get rid of the stress and tension I build up in my career as a freelancer.

Soon after I started using this technique I realized the benefits and thought about applying some of these in my professional life, since it involves me being creative constantly.

The method I adopted was to record my scripts and play them back to myself whenever I took self hypnosis sessions.

I also framed some affirmations which I repeated as often as possible and also placed them so that I could read them to myself.

These statements strongly embed the suggestions in my mind and keep me motivated.

A creative career is very demanding. You have to be best all the time. There is a lot of pressure and expectation from you. But sometimes you hit a roadblock when you feel no longer inspired, or you cannot focus. But no sooner did I start using self hypnosis than I started getting positive results.

I felt at ease whenever I was at some creative activity. Lack of ideas didn’t worry me at all. And at work, everything seemed smooth. Every hurdle that came, I could handle it very well.

To state some objective benefits. I could do around 150 paintings in a year – most of which got sold on Ebay. Moreover, I also wrote poetry commission for a Writer’s tour and could think of many new ideas for many ebooks.

Don’t worry if you are not an artist by profession. You can derive many benefits from self hypnosis.

Want to know how you can use it?

Its easy.

Visit any site on hypnosis and download an induction script available for free. If possible read about hypnosis at the site.

Customize it such that it becomes relevant to your condition:

“I am improving my creative skills daily. As long as I am awake and my mind active, I have plenty of ideas generated in my mind. It is fun. And converting them into reality is very easy too! I have plenty of experience in this now and people like my work. Each day I am making art and am able to sell it too. The more I work the better is the quality of my work and I keep honing my creative skills too at the same."

Record the above statements and hear them while you are practicing self hypnosis. Keep changing it whenever you feel so! You are the best person to decide what is best for yourself.

Hear this script as often as possible during the day.

Repeating it time and again will embed it deeply into your mind.

Soon your subconscious will drive your actions towards achieving the goals and it will become a part of your discipline. And you are sure to reap great results too!

Another approach (much more effective) is using of visual self hypnosis software. Download Subliminal Flash- it allows you to add your own affirmtions that subliminally influence your mind.

The best time to do self hypnosis is when you wake up in the morning and before you go off to sleep at night. Also, if you get time do it during your day too. These sessions need not be elaborate. Short sessions of about a minute or two can also be of great help to you!

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