Hypnosis & Meditation for Relaxation (Part 1)

There are three primary methods to reach the creative subconscious mind – hypnosis, meditation and visualization. There is one technique which uses a mix of all the above 3 techniques. It is known as Relaxation Magic Lessons. Except from those who are schizophrenic or are mentally retarded, all can easily practice this technique by themselves.

Each one of us has his/her own ways to solve a problem.

The approach I usually adopt is to relax the person initially and then use visualizations to reach the images that are dominant in that person. These techniques are very helpful in improving one’s condition because one can easily find out the weak areas with the help of tools like analogies. With such tools you can easily assess a person’s condition without making him feel uncomfortable.

Research has shown that mind is very much capable of giving birth to and erasing the physical issues. Doctors can cure the physical ailments, but the brain can create them again. This is why, most health programs these days have a component in which they advise on how to keep your mind active in a positive way.

If you want to drive your life in to direction you desire, you must have a control over you mind and thoughts.

The best way to communicate with your body are meditation and visualization. It helps you relax the tension in the muscles of your body. Loads of research papers have been published which proclaim that meditation can be helpful to regulate the heart beat and body temperature. We can use this to be in harmony in whatever situation we land up.

The Beginning
When you are new to anything start with basic training. When learning Active Visualization Lesson, spend few minutes to build up your neurons and mental muscles.

Learn to relax anytime and any place you wish. Recognize those behaviors that are detrimental to your personality. These are also some of the basic steps you can take in the beginning.

The best way to relax is breathe. I stress this the most because this is what each one of us does constantly and is a best method to find instant relaxation.

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