Hypnosis & Meditation for Relaxation (Part 2)

There is no specific time where in you should practice this. The best time is when you can do it. Those who are amateurs are advised to fix a certain period of time, so that every time they miss they are reminded about it and hence you can schedule it at some other time in the same day.

Have a defined process when you start to meditate. This will help prepare your brain for the entire process of meditation. The routine too can be designed by you as per your convenience.

Try to meditate in a particular time slot each day. Doing this will help you develop a habit to meditate.

The ideal location for meditation is somewhere quite and devoid of any distractions. You should not get disturbed by TV, phones, friends, children etc while you are meditating. Some, who cannot find peace might have to compromise on the comfort level. People try out meditation in various places like bathrooms, garages etc before they finalize a place. Even if you are disturbed while meditating, just acknowledge it and get back to meditation. Gradually, you will become so adept at it that you will be able to meditate anywhere anytime even while your eyes are wide open.

The ritual you design can be as simple as alerting yourself at the time of meditation and going to the place where you meditate. Or you could use accessories like candle, crystals and incense so that you can relax and meditate. Music is one thing I would not advise to be used, since then your mind would be too occupied to focus. Another way is to note down what your meditation sessions were like each day.

The attire you wear should be very comfortable. Remove belts , ties , shoes and socks when you meditate so that your body is not physically constrained.

The basic rule of the posture in which you meditate is in is – be comfortable. There are no restrictions that you have to sit on floor with your legs crossed. Sit on the ground with a pillow or on a chair with your feet touching the ground. Do whatever makes you comfortable. Your shoulders should relax. Straighten them for relaxation. Relax you jaw muscles and neck muscles. Your head should be in centre, balanced between the shoulders.

Let the breathing process take place through your nose. Focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths. Zen lesson has a lot more details on how to breathe.

Duration too is dependent on you. Begin with a 10-15 minute session. You will meditate for longer durations only if you are enjoying it. Results do not depend on the duration of meditation, but on your focus during it. Choose a time duration that best suits you. You can use a timer that will ring an alarm when y our time is up. Gradually you will automatically know when your time is up. But I strongly recommend you to use this, till the time you have attained mastery, especially if you are a busy person.

You will be in total awareness as to what is happening around you when you are meditating.

Meditation is not a state of unconsciousness, it is a condition where your awareness is at its peak.

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