Hypnosis: The Missing Link to Lose Weight

Are you among those who are obese and no matter whatever dieting regime you adopt are not able to shed those extra pounds?

Hypnosis can achieve you shed those pounds. I do not mean to say that it is some magic mantra that will make you lose weight or love exercise instantly. Instead, it is a tool which can help you change your attitude and push you in the correct direction so that you can achieve your desired goals.

Under hypnotized condition your conscious is not active and hence your subconscious mind accepts all suggestions without they getting filtered by the conscious mind.

Subconscious mind is that part where in all our values and emotions shape up. Conscious mind is the brain we use in our daily lives and which is very judgemental. It always applies logic to any thought that comes to our brain. Hence when under hypnosis our subconscious mind can accept all the thoughts that are imposed on us, since the conscious mind is in an inactive mode.

These messages or suggestions are not very complicated. It could be anything that makes you limit your food or inspire you to go to the gym regularly. It is just where these messages reside that makes all the difference. Repeating suggestions like “I will only eat when my body needs food” or “I love exercising when I go to gym” will help you shed those extra pounds.

Having said that hypnosis is a great tool, but not sufficient. You have to matured enough to change your behavior and only then can you achieve your goal. A professional hypnotist can help you discover that you eat even when you are not hungry and can help you change this behavior of yours.

Another part of hypnosis is the mental imagery. A hypnotherapist might use images of clothes you were previously wearing. You would remember all the compliments that you received from people around you. All your senses would imagine how you feel when you are much thinner and healthier. The more strong the inner experience is, the more are the chances that the results will be achieved in reality.

Hypnosis is not magic, but it might the component that has been missing till now. It will induce behavioral changes and help you lose weight. If you happen to visit a professional he will also teach you how to practice self hypnosis. Hypnosis, can be that mantra which will push you to lose the weight you have gained.

Nowadays many people are learning self hypnosis to improve themselves. Once you learn self hypnosis no one can stop you from achieving any goal that you set in your mind.

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