Hypnosis For Seducing Women

First, I want to tell you something which you must know not only to seduce women, but to achieve any aim in your life.

Love, lust , attraction, passion, chemistry are not “things”.

Bowled over? Most of us fail to notice this because we are too much immersed in boredom and land up frustrated.

Wait a second. You might be missing my point. I don’t deny that people don’t experience love or attraction and other things. I say that these are not things but are states or conditions inside your mind.

Let me describe in detail how people fall in love. Believe me they literally “fall” into a trap, which they themselves carve out!
I usually tend to be general, but lets not talk in generic things today. Lets not talk about abstract things. We will discuss about what each woman in this world aspires for : to fall in love.

So does love happen because there is some kind of frequency matching between the two people? Or is it because some character called Cupid links them both by his arrow?

Certainly not. Let me explain the process of falling in love. The first point is you do not fall in love with the other person in his/her presence. When they are absent you constantly think about them thereby hypnotizing yourself to be in love with the other person. This is a fact which is noticed by very few but experienced by all who fall in love.

So you start with a date. After that you return home and lie on your bed thinking about your date. You start forming an image in your mind. Then next you start thinking about the good qualities he/she has. You imagine them to be fun filled and thrilling. Next you feel cozy about that person and the final bait is when you say the name 2 or 3 times to yourself. If you are mad enough you will feel elated enough to start hopping around in the house. The process I have described above is a self hypnosis process. You have just now lulled yourself into a purely hypnotic state. Isn’t that amazing!

Do the things that I described above ring a bell in your mind? Just remember if you have behaved so in the past or have been calm and balanced in your relationship? Were you so crazy that you called her every now and then , missing her, wanting to hug and kiss her to such an extent that she became nervous and finally broke it up with you?

So here’s the secret. I am pretty sure, as you read this article you must have recalled things happening to you. so love is not something happening to you, rather you devise it yourself. So when I can do it on paper and that too when I am not personally in front of you , you can do the same in the presence of a woman and ultimately make her fall…Accept this fact and use it for woman to fall in love with you. Believe me you just have to try this and you are sure to succeed.

Just imagine this. The simple process which might have seemed to you as foolish can now be tried by you on any woman and I am sure she will be crazily in love with you!

The same process is applicable to all. You can induce any state into her mind. you may even be successful in making her forget her boyfriend. Don’t worry if she has done all this before. Let not her prior experience deter you. If she has done it successfully earlier, with you too she will be successful!

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