Hypnosis– a tool for assistance during labor

Achieving our goals in not an ease path to tread on. Change is a very crucial part in achieving what you desire. You have to have faith that there are forces higher than your physical existence. Being a mother and experiencing it for the first time is governed by a lot of factors. These are things like what you know about yourself, what others tell about you, how important your mother has been in your life and the information that comes from your friends. It is entirely up to you if you want to go by what others say or go by what you believe in. If you have a lot of worry and fear built in, you can only do so much to manage yourself during labor and delivery. The labor pain will numb your conscious mind and the unconscious mind will take over with whatever inputs you have fed into it.

Behavioral modification

It is during our childhood that we imbibe our behavioral pattern and as we move towards adulthood, it becomes a second nature to our personality. Hence when we want to change our behavior only self will is not sufficient. Our intentions, will power has very minute part to play in changing our behavior. We need to recognize the roots from where we imbibed those patterns and modify these patterns. This will help us give a new facet to our behavioral patterns.

Hypnosis- Where all can it be used?

Hypnosis probably originated from India and Egypt. It is widely used in China as a substitute for anesthesia. Medical professionals can use hypnosis because hypnosis helps a person relax and de-stress. The benefits of hypnosis are boost up in the level of self confidence, and a sense and feeling of having achieved something significant.

The mechanism of Hypnosis

The single most important factor in helping you with childbirth is the way you prepare you mind and body. It certainly is a moment of joy, but very often these gets shadowed by fear, anxiety, uncertainly etc. A professional hypnotist can help you shun these feelings and boost your self confidence. You have to be in peace with your mind and body and then only can you peacefully experience the bliss of childbirth.

Prolonged labor is usually due to stress that you have built up. Hypnosis helps you relax and shortens the labor period. It releases fear and tension and hence the pain. The tension is moved out and you get more confidence and are in perfect harmony with your mind and body. Under hypnosis, your subconscious mind takes over and directs how we behave, feel and what we choose.

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