Hypnosis– Truth Revealed

Hypnosis involves two people – the hypnotist and the patient. As per Spanos, it is triggered by a socio-cognitive context and is a learned behavior. Though when used by the police forces it is very dangerous since many believe in tools like truth serum, lie detectors etc.

Hypnosis is an experience a subject willfully agrees to and never forced into. It is such a state of mind which gives access to our subconscious mind, revealing to us the undiscovered talents in us. Under hypnosis our brain emits waves and enters into a mode of hyper suggestibility. It is a perfectly normal state and can be experienced by all.

Hypnosis– Natural Phenomena
The Law of Mind, or Law of Spirit is the governing force behind hypnosis. Once you know how to relax your mind and give a direction it, it will help you gain peace. Only then will you realize the worth of hypnosis. There is nothing unnatural in hypnosis. Every human being has been endowed with a natural ability to hypnotize oneself. It is as natural a skill as the ability to speak or walk or see.

Learn Hypnosis
Don’t mistake hypnosis with sleep. Many people think of hypnosis to be a state of trance. It is because under hypnosis a person behaves according to the visualizations that he devised up in his/her mind. According to Baker, hypnosis is learned social behaviour.

Unleash the power of your mind
Psychologist and hypnotherapist have long used hypnosis to know the deepest secrets of people. These secrets are hidden deep in the unconscious mind and are always blocked or filtered in the normal conscious state of a person. Hypnosis is a gateway to discover all kinds of truth about yourself. It is the right way to know how your internal psyche gets related to the physical body. Hypnosis is a great way to study the influence of mind over and body and has had a great history since ancient times. There have been wide range in the kind of experiences that people have when subjected to hypnosis. Some come out of it having experienced a state completely uncharacteristic of their normal conscious state while some don’t feel any difference.

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