Hypnosis for Weight Loss

All people in all age groups are grappling with the problem of obesity today. Earlier, the ideal body size was like what the Hollywood showed on screens. But now, the doctors want their patients to be healthier rather than being thinner. But this difference between being healthy and being thin is seldom understood by people.

The Consequences:
It has become a common trend to be on and off diet these days. When you want to lose go on a diet spree and once you shed those pounds, get on to regular eating. Then again you are bound to gain and then one goes on a diet. This cycle can be very vicious since gaining and losing weight can be harmful to the heart and even th emotional state of the person.

To make matters worse, there are those who adapt to dangerous methods to lose. Many take to dieting pills which are nothing but caffeine pills. Fad diets on the other hand make a person mal-nutritoned. Diets low on carbohydrate content are also dangerous since this results in imbalance between the protein and carbohydrate and thereby put pressure on the liver.

The Alternative:
A regular diet and exercise regime is often not enough. The fault is the genes you inherited or the choices we make in our daily life which undermines our health. So what can be done to stop this kind of behaviour? Motivation hypnosis can help you in losing weight. Many people think hypnosis as some bad practice similar to that of black magic, but that is just a rumor.

Hypnosis is a way to access the subconscious mind. In our daily routine it is the conscious mind that processes all the thoughts , whereas the routine matters are handled by the subconscious mind. But the subconscious is very much crucial because it plays a vital role in controlling your conscious mind. When you sleep, your conscious mind also rests, but the subconscious mind becomes dominant.

Motivation Hypnosis for Dieting
Under hypnosis your subconscious mind will be the dominant force. This doesn’t mean you are asleep. You will be aware as to what you are being subjected to. Your hypnotherapist will try link your weaknesses to something you dislike, so that if you get attracted to them, you think of something you dislike. For example, if you smoke then under hypnosis the therapist will link smoking to nausea. So from then onwards, every time you are tempted to smoke you will be reminded of nausea.

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