Hypnotism : A Great Way to Improve

Hypnotism involves one person giving suggestions to the other. These suggestions are framed so as to influence the personality of the other person. The one who repeats these suggestions is termed a hypnotist and the person who takes these suggestions is the subject. These suggestions have the characteristic to be positive ie in line with their beliefs, because if not so, then the subject is not convinced about them. Self hypnosis is same as hypnotism, the only difference being the subject becomes his own hypnotist too.

It is a very known fact to all that the human mind easily accepts subtle suggestions and is even capable of acting on them even if has been long time that the suggestions were imparted. This feature of the human mind has been exploited vastly by advertisers who urge their potential customers to buy their products. Over a period of time while these suggestions were repeated, the customer do respond to them.

What a hypnotist does is to also make use of this tendency of our mind. This technique can be used to help persons improve physically as well as mentally. It has been a very old practice. There are tribes existing even today who use this power for medicinal purposes.

In modern times with study of mind been carried out, a lot of knowledge has been gathered. There are different frequencies our mind functions at depending on what state it is. In the active state, also known as the Beta state, the frequency is fourteen to thirty two cycles per second. The “Alpha” state or the more relaxed state the frequency reduces to 7 to 14 per second. Similarly in Theta the frequency is four to seven and this is when person feels sleepy. During sleep or the Delta the frequency reaches its lowest point of 3 to 5 cycles per second.

Advertisers have achieved success when they exploit the Beta state. Should the degree of success increase with the lesser frequency conditions? Theoretically speaking, it should. But there is no agreement over this. The range that might be most suitable may be some low frequencies of Alpha and some upper of Theta.

This range is classified into 3 parts. The “Simple” state is the one in which simple suggestions can be effectively imparted and the subject recalls every detail after the session. The second is the “Intermediate” state. In this too the complexity of suggestioins increases but the subject still is able to recall what happened in the session. The third state known as the “Complete” state in which subject doesn’t remember anything. Many people are under the opinion that results are achievable only in the third state, but results are achievable in all the above mentioned states.

There are 3 states in this range too. First is the “simple” wherein the subject reacts to basic suggestions and can recall every detail of what happened in the session. In the “Intermediate” session, more complex suggestions can be made and subject still is aware of what is going on. In the “Complete” (third) state, the subject doesn’t recall what happened during the session once he returns to his normal conscious state.

An important issue to which I would like to draw your attention is that you can achieve your desired results in all states. It is not that you can achieve them only in the complete state. This information should be beneficial to all those aspirants who want to practice hypnosis.

There are a range of issues that can be addressed by hypnosis. These range from improving self confidence, weight loss, improving personal relations, giving up addictive habits, improving ability to focus, performance at professional level and many more things.

Hypnosis can also help you lead a healthy life. But I strongly recommend that this kind of treatment should be administered by a professional only, since it could result into harmful side-effects.

After having read the different benefits that hypnosis offers to you, I am sure you must have now decided to try out this method. Hypnotism has been used successfully by many to excel in their respective domains. It is high time that you too start using this.

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