Make Self Hypnosis Part of Your Life

What is the image that comes to your mind when you think about hypnosis? Most of us imagine the client relaxing in a chair and the hypnotherapist lulling him into a trance kind of state through suggestions. But there are many methods existing that one can learn and apply to gain a more firm grip on one’s mind. You can completely control what you want your mind to do. Described in this article are some methods that can be used customized as per your need. These techniques are very similar to what a professional hypnotherapist applies. But be very cautious to frame the commands that you pass on to your subconscious mind. These suggestions are what ultimately will drive the direction of thoughts that come up in your mind. After all, hypnosis is to tap the potential of your subconscious mind through suggestions. Hence, it is a good practice to think and frame these sentences.

The foremost issue that you have to address is the aim you wish to achieve. Having decided the purpose you must stick to it. Do not have multiple aims. It is better to adopt a single goal at a time. Having more than one goal at one time will complicate issues for you. You will surely be tempted to accomplish more than one goals at one go, but believe me it will be a waste of time and effort on your part to do so.Next, you have to frame the suggestions that you will embed in your subconscious mind.

These statements must be positive and make you feel good. A suggestion like, “ I am surely going to learn bungee jumping even though I am hell scared”. This will not help you, rather might scare you even more. These kind of statement will make your subconscious focus more on negative words like “scared” in the above example. Hence get rid of all negative words and have positive words as part of your suggestion. An example would be :”I am really excited to learn bungee-jumping so that I can experience how flying feels”

The suggestion must be easy to recall. Suppose you want to be good at communication. You can use, “I am a great at speaking to people”. Write this on paper along with reasons you want to achieve this goal and your expectations on achievement of the goal. Repeat it as often as possible so that strongly embed it into the subconscious mind. Also take care that these suggestions are short, direct and focused and not lengthy and ambiguous.

During your self hypnosis sessions take care that you do not get distracted. Switch off all the cellphones, go to a private area and be comfortably seated. You can even sleep. The basic rule is to be comfortable.

• Choose a spot just above your eye level and concentrate on it.

• Relax while you breath deep.

• As you breath out, visualize all the trouble vanishing out of your system and when you breath in imagine all good things coming to you.

• Shut your eyes and focus on few sounds from your surroundings that you hear. It could be birds chirping, the water running or the wind blowing outside the window. Also be aware of physical feelings like the temperature of your body, the weight of the watch you are wearing etc.

• Now start moving to your subconscious. For this just imagine, that you are descending down a ten step spiral at the end of which is a beautiful garden. As you descend, with each step you take imagine to pass through layers of clouds and let all your tensions go away. As you leave the last step you see a lush green lawn shining in the bright sunlight. Remember that visualizing is a key and imagine all worries vanishing as you come down these steps.

• Now is the time when you repeat the suggestion to yourself. Repeat thrice and take a brief break. After you are done, imagine yourself ascending the spiral staircase again.

• Your self hypnosis session is over and you are back to your conscious state.

Just give it a try. If you have positive results, try it again and again and it will definitely become a part of your discipline soon.

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