Self Hypnosis: 10 Steps to Start Right Now (Part 1)

In this article, I want to introduce all the readers to a self hypnosis technique. Betty Erickson invented this method, hence is known as the Betty Erickson technique. I have referred to her husband’s work all the time in my writings, who himself is a reputed hypnotherapist and psychiatrist. I am deeply impressed by his work. However, this technique is solely credited to her.

Betty Erickson’s Self Hypnosis Method:

There are some fundamental rules on which this method is devised from. There are a lot of counter instances of these concepts, but it will be helpful in self hypnosis to understand these rules.

All are thoughts are in the form of pictures, full of audio and emotions.

When visualizing pictorial images of our thoughts we think about the all possible scenarios, i.e. how it is now, how you want it to be and how will it look in future. It is a mix of what images are already stored in our brain and what we what it to be.

Similarly, even thoughts associated with sounds too are a result of what is stored in our mind, like a pop song, and sounds we imagine, say, the same song if sung by another singer. These sounds also include the dialogue that we have with ourselves.

Emotions are the third form in which we think. These could be feelings we have felt earlier or anything we wish to experience.

Although we use all the three forms when we think, most often one of these components is dominant in a person’s thought process. Hence, a person who pictures up his thoughts won’t be able to hypnotize himself by using visual aids.

Inward Focus:

The classical image of hypnosis is a therapist holding watch or any such kind of tool to induce you into sleep. This is a wrong notion. I have long given up such techniques, to adopt newer methods. Hypnosis aims to divert focus from the external world to ourselves. The focus becomes more and more internal. Self hypnosis technique is able to do this more effectively.

The Steps:

Step 1: Find a comfortable place and position so that you can relax. The posture you choose should allow you be in that position till the time you are done with the hypnosis. You could sit or sleep, although when sleeping there is a risk of you dozing off. Breath slowly and focus in front. Relax and let your body loose.

Step 2 : Decide how long you want to practice hypnosis. When you tell yourself, “I want to practice hypnosis for (your choice of time)”, you will realize that you need no external aids to keep track. Your internal biological clock will alert you about it.

Step 3: You also decide the aim behind you practicing hypnosis. Make a statement about the results you want to reap after hypnosis. Doing this will help your subconscious mind to focus on that issue, instead of evaluating suggestions. One possible way to frame the sentence to yourself is, “I am practicing hypnosis so that my subconscious mind can focus on issues like _________.”

The blank is for you to fill in. Remember you should derive some benefit from hypnosis. Hence choose your result area careful. Speaking the sentence to yourself helps you to tune your subconscious mind towards the results you want to achieve.

Step 4 : Focus on three things in front of you. Give each of them a considerable amount of your focus. Small things like a dot, a photo etc will be good to focus on. Some people even speak out the object they are focusing on to help the mind tune into that mode and mood.

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