Self Hypnosis: 10 Steps to Start Right Now (Part 2)

And last 6 steps to hypnotize yourself are described below:
Step 5: Now focus on what you hear. Try to segregate three things that you hear. This will help you accept the sounds from the surrounding rather than getting out of focus because of them.

Step 6 : Feelings are the next thing you would notice. Feel each of them for a sufficiently long time. Subtle feelings like the weight of your wrist watch, the ring you wear etc would useful for your sensations.

Step 7 : Add images to this process, begin with two then add two sound and continue at a comfortable pace.
This brings to end the “external” components that you need to take care of to hypnotize yourself. Now beings the internal hypnosis.

Step 8: Shut your eyes. Remember an image. Never make this process too much of work, hypnosis is for relaxation, not to bring in stress. Accept whatever image comes to your mind. Don’t be judgmental to accept or reject an image. If no images comes up, then try putting in some into your mind.

Step 9: Next, let your mind acknowledge some sound and pin a name to it. Thought the hypnosis is internal, you are allowed to hear sounds that are external to your body. The point is to accept whatever comes to you. I personally imaging sounds from a gospel choir, when I cant hear any sounds coming from around me.

Step 10: Same thing with feeling. Feel a feeling and name it. Use you visualization to do this. It could be like feeling the breeze of wind. Accept whatever you can feel.

Continue the same way as external hypnosis. Use two images, two sound and two feelings and maintain this cycle.

When you are done or your biological clock alerts you, open your eyes. You might feel out of place and bit hazed. But you will come back soon into the real world as per the time you had decided. Believe me, it was not your sleep, you were commanding your unconscious mind to do things.

You may not succeed the first time. Don’t despair at this. If you complete the process before time, continue adding pictures, sounds and emotions. This is perhaps the simplest of all means available to acquaint you to hypnosis.

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