Self Hypnosis– 5 Secrets Revealed


This is the first step and it is about knowing what you want as opposed to what you don’t want. It is very much essential to differentiate between the two.

Whatever you focus on, the subconscious mind says yes to it. Hence it is very much essential to focus on what you want and not what you don’t. If you want to avoid illness, focus on a healthy life. Likewise if you don’t want to be poor, focus on you being rich. I hope you get the idea of it.

The lifestyle we lead many times limits us to become more materialistic, in that, we focus more on the physical aspects. Instead, if we focus on how we would feel if we got some particular thing, we would be having more choices and ways to achieve them.

You can experience the same desire in a number of ways. Doing this you begin the process of attracting what you desire into your life.

Sometimes what we chase becomes futile. We fail to experience the feeling we expected on achieving the thing. Moreover, even though we might have experienced what we desired the whole chase would give us a lot of lessons to learn. It will show us doors to other opportunities we can tap and experience the desired feelings


Having completed the first step of knowing what you want, feel as if you already have it. When under hypnosis try to focus all your senses into imagining hat you have achieved it and are enjoying the success. Experience the condition and circumstances which will materialize ones you really and truly achieve your aim.

Hypnosis, basically aims at making you go into such a state of mind that you completely forget your present world and are able to experience the feeling of having achieved what you desire.

One important thing that is a must to remember for hypnosis. Your subconscious mind is not capable of filtering the real from the unreal. For it everything that FEELS real , is a reality , irrespective of whether you know it or not.


Hypnosis is a process wherein you sow the seeds that you want to nurture throughout your life. You just have to sow it and it will automatically grow into a stature that you desire. You only have to be careful to the weeds that pop up and have to root them out at the earliest.

These weeds are in the form of fear, self doubt, anxiety etc. If you pursue a goal, just on a trial basis and not believing in your success, it is vain doing so. You are never going to achieve it.

Ofcourse, be realistic while aiming. If the goal is too long term or big break into smaller milestones that you got to complete. Do not compare your performance with others. Belief in yourself is the key. You can definitely be inspired by someone, but the degree of success you achieve only depends on your attitude and mindset you build up and the action that you will take.

We seek help and opinion of others if we will be successful in a particular endeavor. This is nothing but passing messages of self doubt to your subconscious mind. They are not confident about their success and hence are not in a position to achieve success.

The experiences you have had till now are the best mirror for you. it will give proofs about your capabilities to your subconscious mind.

Your mind is limited only by what you think and nothing else can stop it. To be successful at every endeavor you have two options. One is to have absolute faith and other is to get an understanding as to what you are capable of and build up your mindset accordingly.

The last thing, but very important is the power of decision. If you can freeze that you want something and tune your mind into actually experiencing the feelings of success, you have begun the journey of achieving it. When you imagine achieving that goal your mind is entirely focused on it, never once discouraged by the hurdles that lay ahead, although you are aware about them. Once you have decided to achieve something you rule out any force that stops you and put all your mind and body behind the purpose of achieving the goal.


This is the most difficult step for all. It definitely will take you huge amount of effort to be successful at this. You have to have absolute faith on your mind, universe, God and believe that there is a Higher being to yourself. This will enable you to realize what you have long craved.

I am sure that you must have noticed that the thoughts you almost ignored often do actually happen. You have a thought for a moment and then let it pass through never to return to it, but in the end they become a reality. This happens because you just let go by ignoring the thought. This makes the subconscious mind take up reigns and thus you end up realizing it.

On the contrary, most of us crave for things to such a level that we never let those thoughts go. The more you want to achieve, the more you are killing the possibility of let going the thoughts and hence less is the chance of them becoming a reality.

I do understand that when something is critical for your success, yet you don’t have a hint as to where and how you are going to achieve that thing, trusting your instincts is the last thing you will think of. But like everything this too needs practice and over a period of time you will be an expert at it too.

Be always thankful – for what you wish or desire for. Feel as if you already have it and be thankful for it. This will relieve your mind of any tensions about achieving it and you will be able to put focused efforts for achieving your goal.

Gratitude, I stress again is the one thing that will accelerate your time to achieve your goal. It will vaporize many of the hurdles you perceive and hence the path will be simpler for you when you practice self-hypnosis.

Thank the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, God, each element from which you derive power and strength to realize your goal. I stress this again and again because this is the single most powerful tool if you wish to achieve your goals soon!


It is not necessary that what you wish for, should come to you in the form you expect. It can appear in a different form. Hence be open and alert so as to recognize that your wish has actually come to you.

Who knows, what you have asked for might come with even more better features or in a better form!

On the contrary, what you ask and what you actually get may be vastly different. But it could only be the beginning. It might be indicative of bigger things to come in future. Don’t give up yet, be grateful for what you want and you will definitely realize even better things in your life.

Many of us have garnered feelings, doubts, insecurities which may be too good for us. It is essential to examine and get rid of such self limiting emotions. They could be the reason why we are not realizing what we want.

Accept the fact that what you realize now is due to what you think. Hence if you are experiencing things that you don’t want to , you just have to change your thoughts. Hope for the best in your life and be grateful always and you will be presented with the best of things. If you good from inside good things, good things are what you will experience.

Have an immovable faith that whatever has happened and whatever will happen in future is for you good and will help you realize your ambitions.

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