Self Hypnosis and Your Subconscious Mind

Self Hypnosis is a topic about which each one has his/her own opinion. Some are excited about it, some are disbelievers and some are critics. Which category do you belong to? Have you ever thought about Self hypnosis? I am sure you must have heard people being successful on trying it, but would have never tried it yourself.

People may differ in their views about hypnosis. But it is a truth that hypnosis is fast becoming a field of interest to many from the scientific community, since it has proven to be helpful in solving or improving various conditions of human life. Unfortunately, many believe it to be a state of being under a spell cast by a magician. It is nothing like that. Self hypnosis is a first step to take control of your life. If you are among those who want to change their personality, lifestyle, habits etc then it is the best tool you can ever use.

I practice in Oxfordshire and am often quizzed about self hypnosis. My reply has always been it is an exercise to invigorate our subconscious mind. it is that part of our brain which has immense potential but all lays undiscovered. Self hypnosis is a mechanism to build bridge between our conscious and sub-conscious mind. Though they belong to the same biological part but often function independently. Self hypnosis brings them together. It is like making two friends or a couple meet unexpectedly. But in order to awaken our subconscious mind, we have to find time however busy we might be. We have to push ourselves initially to realize all the benefits.

I often cite an analogy between driving and self hypnosis. While driving we are very careful to do all the right steps like pushing the accelerator, clutch control and basically learn the ropes of driving. All of us are nervous for the first time we drive, but with time and experience it becomes a part of us and we no longer pay attention to the minutiae while at the task. The procedure of driving becomes embedded in our minds ie in our subconscious mind. Self hypnosis too is similar in nature, but you do require a regime and discipline to help activate your subconscious mind.

Through self hypnosis we primarily aim to make the two brothers – the subconscious and conscious mind discover and relate to each other. This can only happen when we are relaxed and when our conscious mind is not dominant. Subconscious mind has immense potential to be tapped and would need effort to do so. Once you become an expert at it, you will react as per the responses that get embedded into the subconscious while you practice self hypnosis.

Smoking, drug abuse, alcoholism and all such addictions can be entirely cured with the help of self hypnosis. You can greatly enhance your personality with help of self hypnosis. You can improve your confidence, self esteem and increase your performance in professional as well as personal arena. It is a great tool to help you lead a better and healthy life.

It has been known that we humans use maximum only 10% of our subconscious mind. Just imagine how much we can improve ourselves if we tapped the remaining 90% potential that lies hidden in each one of us!

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