Self Hypnosis Language (Part 1)

Usually none of us pays much attention to the words we use daily, lest even think about them. The language and words that I put into use when I teach self hypnosis to people becomes very crucial. The best part is the language that I use in self hypnosis can be of great help in our daily lives too. It will be a great source to help improve our communication skills.

We speak a lot of words in our daily lives. Each of these words has a very deep impact on each of us and has a lot of hidden meaning for you – the speaker. What you interpret from a word can be completely different from what others interpret.

Recall an occasion when you really rejoiced. It could be a birthday, wedding, or when you got your first job or some achievement. Feel the emotions you felt during that time. Everything in that time, the sounds, the scenes that you saw made you feel good. Where did these feelings emerge from? Immerse yourself into that time, feel as if you are experiencing same joy this time. Now, think the language that you will use to describe the same occasion.

The words in which you describe such an occasion are the ones to which your mind will respond in the most positive manner. Use them in self hypnosis and whenever you talk to yourself.

Know what words make you happy or make you recall a happy moment of your life. List them and use them as often as possible.

Introspect about the feelings and emotions you want to experience. Below are some words which will help you feel good and are very good to be used in self hypnosis sessions: Calm, well balanced, happy, relaxed, confident, active, industrious, beautiful, harmonious etc.

These are simple but my intention is to give you an fair idea. They do sound simple, but it is really important for you to use words that make you feel good whenever you exercise self hypnosis.

In addition to the above words, I present to you a few more phrases: “more and more” and “increasingly”. These are words which would stimulate power and flexibility of your mind. Here’s how they would do this:

Examine this sentence “Since I have been successful at reaching my ideal weight I am satisfied”. No doubt that this is a very gentle way of remembering that you have fulfilled your ambitions. But that should not be the end. Keep on revising your goals and then “more and more satisfied” would be a great way to reframe the sentence.

Using words like “happy”, “satisfied” etc make you complacent. The language you use during self hypnosis can help unleash the power within you and inspire you to work towards higher goals. Reframe the sentence in whatever way you think you can, take care they always inspore you to work towards higher goals and ambitions. Few of such words could be “more and more satisfaction”, “increasingly happy” etc.

Avoidable words : you might be using some words which you are perfectly comfortable with, but they could be doing harm about which you are not aware.

Avoid the following kinds of words when you use self hypnosis.

Words which arouse negative feelings, which are unclear, which make you believe that you have limited capability should always be avoided.

Explore all possible words that you could use and which would make you feel better. This may seem trivial but there are certain words which would help you focus your energy into the correct direction.

First, let me tell about words that arouse negative feelings. These are words which usually have a not in them like can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, must, mustn’t. some other words with similar consequences are temper, jealousy, gloomy, depression etc.

The word “try” is the one that gives me the creeps. When I use this word to people who come to me for therapy, my intention is exactly the opposite. I want them not to do that. For example when I say “try to resist the wish to relax”, I actually want them not to do so.

Try is a word which indicates non-performance. Trying is equivalent to not doing it. So if you have it in your vocabulary, just erase it.

“Try and try and you will succeed” is used very commonly. Personally, I feel this is the most misleading of all statements. If a person wants to achieve anything, he should keep at it until he achieves. One should not rest unless he gets what he wants.

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