Self Hypnosis Language (Part 2)

“Will” is another of those words that can be avoided. It indicates thing which may happen in future and which in most cases does never happen. You know that this is the truth. Things you desire to do in future never actually materialize. A very simple technique to make those sentences most beneficial for you in the self hypnosis is to remove the word “will”. Just try it out and you will realize the difference. So instead of saying “I stop smoking and hence I will be healthier” should be said as “I stopped smoking hence I am healthier”. Noticed the difference? This are the subtle differences which I intend to draw you attention to so that you can use the self hypnosis technique to your benefit.

Most of people who want to shed the extra pounds tell me that they want to “lose” weight. Lose- is a word which is highly negative. You generally lose a thing which you will need in the future. With weight, you usually don’t want to find that again. Hence instead of saying that it would better to say, “ I would like to gain a good shape and maintain it for the rest of my life”. This makes it much positive.

Another dangerous word is “but”. This often negates every good thing that is said before it. For example “I really want to spend my life with you, BUT I don’t want to ruin my career” or “I had a wonderful evening, but the guy nearby was not pleasant”.

Be aware of such sentences especially when you are practicing self hypnosis.

Next, I strongly advise against using words that discourage or limit you. They should never be a part of our self hypnosis vocabulary to say the least. These are words like:

Filthy, Untiday, Ridiculous, Monotonous, Bad, Ugly, Hate etc. There are many more, I am sure you must have got the idea. I don’t even want to mention these words here. You will do a lot better if you delete forever these kinds of words.

The next set of words that you should never use in your vocabulary are the ones which are absolute. These kinds of word have a very rigid connotation and limit you. These are words like never, finish, cancelled, impossible etc. During self hypnosis you may use sentence “ I will never smoke again”. But you may have some drinks on Christmas or take a few puffs from a friend. This doesn’t qualify for you to be a smoker again, but it neutralizes all emotions that you stimulated during the self hypnosis. You start doubting your own credibility since you had promised you would never do it and yet you did it although to a very small extent. Hence these words leave you no room and can cause high degree of frustration.

But some people may find no problems with such words. Eariler I had mentioned about ambiguous words in the self hypnosis lingo. Try to avoid words that do not convey a clear cut meaning. These are words like : maybe, desire, growth, positive, whole etc.

You may be saying that you increasingly desire to stop smoking. This at first sounds fine. But, on examining more closely it is ambiguous. Do you want the desire to increase or your ability to stop smoking increase? If you wanted the former, it could be really frustrating. The other meaning the word growth indicates that of something on your body growing.

Normal is a word that each one of us uses. But are we in a position to really define what really is normal? Be very clear as to what normal is or it would be better to used usual instead of normal.

The last of words I would want you to ponder upon is “able”. Being capable of doing something is completely different from doing it. You can increase your ability to do something, by actually performing the task.

I hope I have given you enough advises about the lingo you should employ while practicing self hypnosis.

Always explore all the ways wherein you can chance upon the right solutions which would be most beneficial for you. With time, you will get proficient at self hypnosis and will come to know of words that have a positive effect on your mind. Accordingly, you can tune up the lingo you use in self hypnosis.

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