Self Hypnosis: A Life Invigorating Tool (Part 1)

Our mind has tremendous potential which largely goes unrealized in one’s lifespan. Self hypnosis is a practice which anybody can learn and thus realize the potential of one’s mind. You may be a person who is very rich, powerful and is a world leader, but you would be miserably poor if you have not explored your own mind and realized the potential it has.

Every day I face people who come to me saying that they are no longer able to think or do things. The problem with them is that they have built up their thoughts on the negative propaganda which makes them believe that they have limited capabilities. Our so called modern day lives are proving very harmful for each one of us. We human beings need as much time to introspect as we need to interact with the world outside. But most of us are stuck in performing the same routine jobs and gradually get stuck in the same rut. We become what we create around ourselves and we limit ourselves to our comfort zones because we have chosen to do so. We have wrongly convinced ourselves that we may be not capable of performing some tasks.

Self hypnosis works on our subconscious mind. Hence our conscious mind has to into a dormant mode. This can be achieved if a person is induced into a trance. Our subconscious mind is larger in size than the conscious mind, hence is more capable of exploring the solutions to problems. Hence positive suggestions and ideas can be accepted quickly by the subconscious mind. This will greatly help the person in the direction he desires to move in. when in a trance, people easily accept suggestions, hence if you want to change behavioral aspects of a person, self hypnosis is the best.

I help people practice self hypnosis for at least half an hour daily. I take them into a state of trance and help them chuck all negative belief and reprogram thoughts in a way that will benefit them. The unconscious mind then will examine all the systems of the body and through self healing attend to issues which require urgent repairs. The technique of visualization can be used to induce oxygen into your blood, improve the immune system and to know what kind of nutrition your body needs to maintain a healthy body.

I have read a lot and have now plenty of experience. It has become like a habit for me to not down all that I learn each day. I draw up these learning from my unconscious mind. I can recall the days when I was in the womb, which has proven immensely helpful. Moreover, our body is perfectly aware about how to function at an optimal level. What one needs to do is to discover this potential and use it. You should learn to rely more on your unconscious mind. Remember, it is that part which monitors your blood levels and makes sure that all your systems function harmoniously. Nature truly is divine.

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