Self Hypnosis: A Life Invigorating Tool (Part 2)

I always advise people to monitor their health constantly and prefer eating raw food and have an exercise regime. I am 40+ now and I wake up every morning feeling fresh and highly energetic. I advise people to adopt a lifestyle which will help them be energetic too! Don’t wait for things to happen to you. Be proactive. If you wait chances are things will happen too late to you. So be a winner form this very moment.

Treat your body like a place of worship

You become what you eat. What you think also show to the world the kind of person you area. The issue we should tackle each day is : Are the actions we perform on a daily basis good enough to inspire us or are we are going remain reactive.

Most of us are on a constant prowl for something which will make life seem worthwhile. Some seek wealth, some love and some want recognition. But it would be foolish to look for something external. All you need to be happy is within you waiting to be discovered by you. As a hypnotist, I always advise people to start from themselves. The first step should be of creating within you the things that you desire and then you can attract more of it into your life. External sources should not be relied up to such a level that they become your sole source. Imagine yourself being in a desert all alone and then chalk out your strategy for survival.

You can chalk out all our plans in your brain. Messages are constantly sent to our brain. You have to learn to take control of these messages and embed whatever you want to happen in your mind. This is not something new I am telling you. The techniques like psycho-imagery hypnosis have been used since ancient times by sportsmen and martial artists. The basic rule is to plan so that you know where you are headed and what you are doing. This will relieve you of any fear or tension and hence you will be able to do justice to your task.

But before you learn any technique, make one point very clear in your mind and hearts – Respect nature and remember that you can derive confidence by being peaceful and compassionate and not by being haughty or proud. You will get the results as per the tasks you do. Always be humble and you will derive great amount of strength from it. Take inspiration from a Tai Chi master, or a yoga master or Shaolin priest and watch how they excel in the physical and mental abilities.

Life Begins Within You

I have been a dancer for many years, hence I know how important our physical body is for the wellbeing of our minds. This knowledge has helped me a lot in my hypnosis workplace. Healthy mind can reside only inside a healthy body. The western society people suffer from various diseases of heart like arterial sclerosis or other ailments like diabetes, hypertension etc. Moreover, many of them indulge into smoking and drinking which further deteriorates their physical condition. If people began treating others like the way they treat their bodies, all hell will break into the society.

There are other forms of healing like prayer and meditation. Hypnosis is different in that it is more proactive and pushes you in the right direction and helps you plan ahead about the changes you want to drive into your life. Change is the only thing constant in life. People keep on evolving with life and hence it is very much crucial for all to learn what to change when using self hypnosis. To do this you should be able to visualize and imagine. Unfortunately, our societies do not encourage any one of us to visualize and imagine because it is not regarded as something worthwhile.

Creativity is crucial to explore our minds. But our society has set rules which we are expected to conform to and this is very much detrimental to our creative skills. Creativity can drive us towards mental, physical and spiritual excellence. Hypnosis can stimulate thought transforming emotions which will accelerate our growth. What I practice today is to stimulate those dormant sensory experiences through hypnosis and thus help the person achieve growth.

Hypnosis is a thrilling activity. One rule I follow is to have fun irrespective of what your profession is. Self hypnosis is an activity when you introspect and recognize the forces which will help free your body and mind from any limitations. This way you will achieve total harmony within your mind and body and also between them.

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