Self Hypnosis Technique

This self hypnosis practice is a tool to brace you for the future. With the help of this tool you will be able to experience the present from the future’s perspective and will realize what you need to make sure your future is as per your wishes.

Go through the below written rules as many times as possible, so as to practice without referring them again.

1. Think of an area or domain where you want to succeed.
It could being successful at work or in a relationship.

2. Visualize already having achieved that goal.
Frame a sentence accordingly. This will concretize the image of already having achieved your goal.
The sentence could be “I have a perfect relationship with my wife” or “I have achieved all my targets.”
Write these sentences on to a piece of paper.

3. Succcess
Note down all those factors which make you feel that you have achieved what you wished for. These factors could be you being a good listener, being open to any idea, being firm yet accommodating etc.

4. Build up an image of how you things would be in the actual circumstances. Put into words how each thing would look like. Do not ignore any aspect. Be as detailed as possible.

5. Audio is also an important part of the situation you have built upon. Feel the sounds that are there and describe them too. For example: my voice is sweet, ther are people waiting to listen to me.

6. Next, come to the physical sensation that you feel. It could be the breathing, warmth of sunlight etc.

7. Create the image in present now.
Be comfortably seated. Breath deep. Take your time to relax and go through all you have written. Speak each word aloud and feel them. Repeat this process till you get into the mood. It should take you not more that 5 minutes in doing so.

8. Retrospect
Take some time and reflect on the experience. Feel the floating words and images that you have uttered. They will come into your mind. Sit for as long as you feel you are liking it.

9. Live your future again
Open your eyes and go through the above procedure of repeating words once again.

10. Once done, sit and think about it. Note down some thoughts that now come into your mind. Reflect upon this paper whenever you find time in your routine.

This 10 step self hypnosis procedure should be followed regularly. You will derive a great amount of benefit from it.

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