IQ Tests & Brain Fitness

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Good IQ Score: Misconceptions and Truths

You must have come across people who claim to have scored high in IQ tests. They flaunt their certificates to all. Usually it is believed that person is intelligent if his IQ score is high.

Sharpen Your Brain

The training to your brain need not be as rigorous as physical workout. “No pain, no gain” is not applicable in this case. If you want to reach a destination you always have two options.

Tapping the Unrealized Potential of Your Brain

IQ test is a term most of us are aware of. Intelligence quotient is the potential of our brain. Two theories exist for researching the brain. One unitary and the other is multiple theory. The IQ tests use these theories to test the brain.

Unitary theory focuses on specific parts or brain. These are the parts where our language and calculating or mathematical abilities exist. The multiply theory, on the other hand involves all vital parts which employ visual, musical, kinesthetic and inter/intra personal development skills.
There are only 3 ways to enhance your IQ.

Relevance of High IQ

What is high IQ? Is it better performance in school? Is it a good standard of life? Let examine if IQ is a relevant means to gauge one’s intellect or not.

Keep Your Brain Sharp

Workout to Build the Neural Network

Unusual Ways to Solve Problems

There are many ways you can solve problems. Below are some problem solving techniques, for all kinds of things like dealing with personal issues to creating new business ideas.

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Your brain activities may improve if you indulge in regular physical exercise.

Well, exercise helps to keep you mind in shapes along with your body...

Increase Your IQ: Act Now

If you want to improve your IQ for an important meeting that is scheduled in the near future or anything important you can certainly do so. Try the following methods:

Breathing Exercises

Simple Techniques to Improve IQ

Writing helps you in a lot of ways. It keeps your memory activated, so that it can recall things in the future. Also you can be very clear in your thoughts. You also hone your analytical and creative skills while writing. Some ways to enhance your memory power are maintaining diaries, writing poetry, essays, stories etc.

Brain exercises.

How to Score Above Average in an IQ Test? 3 Simple Steps

Chances are the most people will have an average IQ score. Very few people will have an above average IQ score. For instance if you are currently at 70, it would be difficult to cross the 100 mark. But the fact remains that, no matter where you start at you can definitely improve. Below are three ways to do so:

Drills For your Brain

There are a whole lot of array of exercises that you can indulge in to sharpen your brain. It can be as simple as reading something new or more complex like solving a crossword puzzle or later thinking riddles. Below I give some ideas about some generic exercises for the brain which can be practiced anywhere. Later, I recommend some for enhancing specific functionality of the brain.

Easy Exercises for your Brain

Enhancing Your Intelligence: 4 More Tips.

1. We often prefer people who think similar to us. I believe developing friendship with people who think differently is a great idea. Talking to these people can really help change some of the beliefs that you hold. Have a variety of people like artists, doctors, construction workers as friends in your life.

How To Enhance your Intelligence : 5 Tips

Brain is very similar to a muscle. Like muscles, brain also needs the right kind of exercise and nutrition. The more you use your brain in the right direction, the more you will enhance your ability to focus and think sharply. On the contrary, if you feed your brain the wrong chemicals you will harm its functioning and your thinking capabilities.
Listed below are 5 easy techniques to extract a little more of creativity from your gray cells.

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