Drills For your Brain

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There are a whole lot of array of exercises that you can indulge in to sharpen your brain. It can be as simple as reading something new or more complex like solving a crossword puzzle or later thinking riddles. Below I give some ideas about some generic exercises for the brain which can be practiced anywhere. Later, I recommend some for enhancing specific functionality of the brain.

Easy Exercises for your Brain

The simplest of the drills could be to invent and imagine new possibilities for an object. For example take a clock. Think on ideas for improving the clock. It could like you do not have to look at it to know the time. You could think of a clock which informed you about the time and alert you of the tasks and appointments you need to attend to.

There are a lot many methods. One such is solving puzzle or riddles. These could range from very simple to complex. Lateral thinking puzzles can also help enhance creativity. For example a riddle like “ Why was Bertha not jailed even after killing many people?”. The answer – Bertha was a hurricane. Such riddles can open up your mind to think in new directions and enhance creativity.

Coming up with jokes is a great exercise. But it could be a little difficult if you do not have any experience at it. Pick a word at random and use it to come up with a joke. It could be as simple as the word “Justice”. For example “Where can you find justice always?”. In the dictionary! If you cant think of any joke, move on to another word of your choice.

Enhance Specific Functionality

Our brain has specific parts dedicated for a specific functionality. If you are weak at visualization you could enhance it by imagining to be walking in your home. Create all possible scenes in your mind till you can clearly see in your mind each and every object at your home.

To enhance concentration power, you could practice “mind” irritations. Whatever goes below the surface inhibits you from focusing. Identify such objects and list them. Meditation is one technique which is found to be helpful. But being alert and mindful is a simpler method to increase your natural power of concentration.

There are numerous memory techniques available to strengthen your memory. Practice mentally placing a host of objects in fixed locations in your house and imagine them in strangest of al places. Or imagine the person you will visit next and call them by their name in your imagination. This could help you memorize names

Creativity enhancement needs you to be a little wild. Imagine something illogical like lights which fly. To make it more effective have the sense of the image in your mind. Imagine yourself being in a market where there are lights on helium balloons. Put in a little more thinking and imagination and you could be in the company of colorful flying lights.

It is undisputed that the more you exercise your brain the more it functions and in a better manner. The more the brain is exercised, the less then chances of you becoming a victim of age related mental disorders. Better to start as early as possible with simple exercises

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