Enhancing Your Intelligence: 4 More Tips.

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1. We often prefer people who think similar to us. I believe developing friendship with people who think differently is a great idea. Talking to these people can really help change some of the beliefs that you hold. Have a variety of people like artists, doctors, construction workers as friends in your life.

2. The world has a number of things to offer to you. Cultural diversity exists everywhere in the world. Travel, social gatherings etc are few methods to get to experience other cultures. But travel doesn’t mean going to Cuba and staying in a Western hotel. It should expose you to a different environment. I had a wonderful trip to China with my kids. They quickly got accustomed to the Chinese traditions. This was the time when I realized how rigid and inflexible I had become.

3. In today’s electronic era, cell phone and email have become addictions to us. Always find time for introspection. Don’t give email more importance than yourself. Switching off the cell phone for a few hours is not a sin! Make it a rule not to spend more than an hour answering your emails. Implement the above and you will definitely have more time to think and you would be able to do good reading.

4. It is a very common tendency nowadays to do a number of things. In the end, we complete nothing perfectly. Whatever task you undertake should be done perfectly. Realize that any work, be it science or art needs one to put a dedicated effort for completion and even more effort to polish the work. People like Darwin should be a benchmark for us. No matter how much you want to undertake many projects at a time, learn to resist. Pay attention to a few and most important project would be your family.

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