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If you want to improve your IQ for an important meeting that is scheduled in the near future or anything important you can certainly do so. Try the following methods:

Breathing Exercises
Deep Breathing helps: This is very easy for anyone to practice. Deep breathing opens up your brain. You help more amount of oxygen flow into your brain which relaxes the brain. It has been known that higher the oxygen amount in blood the more it is easy to relax. Most of the people do not deep breath, hence this is a quick and effective way to relax. I recommend you to breath through nose, since this helps you in breathing deeply.

Meditation: This is immensely helpful because it involves deep breathing. Meditation involves observing breathing pattern and this induces relaxation. Close your eyes and start breathing deeply for some time. Later you can breathe at your own pace. You will have a flood of thoughts coming to your mind, ignore them all and concentrate on your breathing. Practice this daily for a few minutes.

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis: Practicing hypnosis oneself can help you increase your IQ.

Improve your posture
Sit with your back straight and keep your mouth closed. If you have a good posture you can improve your concentration and clear up your thought process. Try it yourself. When you attempt to do some math problem sleeping or mouth opened, you will notice that you don’t do it as fast as when you sit straight with your mouth shut.

Exercise :Physical activity helps regulate the blood flow into your brain. You need have a rigorous regime. An activity that is sufficient enough to pump blood will wake up your brain is good. Walking is good and aerobics is even better to enhance IQ.

Sleep: Everyone knows that sleep refreshes you. But remember to sleep deep, it’s the quality and not the quantity of sleep that will help your IQ.

Improve your Food Habits
Coffee: Experiments conducted have shown that scores can improve if you consume coffee before you take an important exam. Be cautious because the effect is short and caffeine if consumed regularly can have harmful side-effects.

Ginkgo biloba: It is available in the form of capsules, tea or leaves. Have it as you like since it increases flow of blood into your brain. This helps improve your memory and concentration capability. It is very fast and the effect is long lasting if regularly used.

Reduce Sugar: Not only sugar, but any carbohydrate if consumed more or regularly can affect your thinking capability. This is due to the insulin that the body generates to digest sugar. Avoid items like white flour, sugar, potatoes especially before anything important like a meeting or an exam.

Be concerned only with the boosting your IQ
Don’t bother yourself with debates like what is real intelligence. You should be concerned only with the results, only your score in IQ test. Test always test your intelligence albeit only at a particular point of time. You have to score higher at these points of time. So if you slept well, drank coffee or employed any of the above techniques and others to boost your IQ, you will have nothing to lose. If you inculcate some of the above, you will be alert to do your tasks perfectly.

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