Relevance of High IQ

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What is high IQ? Is it better performance in school? Is it a good standard of life? Let examine if IQ is a relevant means to gauge one’s intellect or not.

Intellect and High IQ: Interrelated?
It is a known fact that the more your IQ score is the more intelligent a person is believed to be. But there are tests which are culturally biased. So for a person whose intelligence level is mediocre, this is a wrong means of measurement. Also, many simple techniques exist using which one can very easily boost IQ scores.

These techniques like a cup of coffee before a test may help you boost your score. Hence it is easy to adopt techniques which will modify your score. In short, you can manipulate the IQ score. I do agree that there is correlation between intellgence and IQ score, but it has its limitations.

Is lifestyle linked to High IQ?
There is no proof till date that higher intelligence leads a better lifestyle. Moreover, how do you quantify “better life”? What parameters are used to measure lifestyle?

There are people who had high IQ, yet they ended their lives voluntarily. Some of the names are Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway and Sylvia Path. Does this indicate towards a inverse relation between IQ and life? Research has shown that chances are high that people with low and high IQ would commit suicide. But these studies are only indicative. They do not pinpoint towards a reason for this phenomena.

Educational Grades and High IQ
Studies and experiments conducted lately, indicate that there did exist relation between IQ and academic performance. But it also showed that self discipline is more closely related to the grades a student secures. The more the self disciplined the child is the better is his/her performance. Yet there is no relation between IQ and discipline. These qualities are independent of each other.

There are experiments which have been conducted to understand the relation between discipline and academic performance. In these experiments the children were presented with two choices. First was that they could choose the cookie then. Second alternative was, if they do not choose cookie they could have 2 at a later stage. Those who opted the second choice had good academic grades. Thus the will power to choose the more lucrative choice, which comes through self discipline, has proven to be more influential on educational grades.

True meaning of IQ
I do agree that intelligence is a powerful tool, but remember there are far more significant tools which play an equally important role in shaping up our lives. It is only useful if applied to improve one’s lifestyle. Computing power alone is not capable of making a computer helpful. Other components are necessary to support it. Do not underestimate people with average IQ. People like Henry Ford have been successful. So be cautious when you exaggerate the importance of high IQ.

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