Tapping the Unrealized Potential of Your Brain

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IQ test is a term most of us are aware of. Intelligence quotient is the potential of our brain. Two theories exist for researching the brain. One unitary and the other is multiple theory. The IQ tests use these theories to test the brain.

Unitary theory focuses on specific parts or brain. These are the parts where our language and calculating or mathematical abilities exist. The multiply theory, on the other hand involves all vital parts which employ visual, musical, kinesthetic and inter/intra personal development skills.
There are only 3 ways to enhance your IQ.

First know what you are good in. Not all people excel in all fields. People who derive their skill in fields like music, body, relationship etc are said to be intelligent.

The above mentioned skills exist in all people. Only issue is, few realize this. If you believe you are creative, experiment in the field of acting or singing or literature.

The results might surprise you. Some people have a flair for numbers. This skill might seem normal to you, but is very significant in many professional areas. You have unlimited number of avenues in which you can establish your excellence.

You never know until you try which fields you are good in. It could be dancing, singing, architecture, painting etc. Try out something you have never done before and you will be immensely satisfied when you succeed in such a field. If you assume that you are incapable without even giving a try, it will be a great harm you do to yourself.

There are only a handful of people who are born genius. Einstein, Mozart and Bach are few of them. They accomplished many things because they were maestros. But this does not mean that one has to be extremely intelligent to achieve in life. You should know where to use your brain to the fullest of its potential. You will notice an improvement in your brain when you put efforts to improvise. Our brains have unlimited potential and using it appropriately will push in the correct path.

Do not limit yourself to specific areas. Try out everything. Having said that, I don’t recommend you to mug up the encyclopedia. Use all 5 of your senses when you learn about something new.
Studies help you but can’t teach one everything. Each experience we go through in our life has a lot to teach to us. Hence experience everything in your life. This is a very productive way to increase your IQ.

You can acquire a new skill on a daily basis. You can have only two ways to equip yourself with new skill. One is you are naturally endowed with it or you learn it over a period of time. Your brain is just like a sponge, which can absorb practically all that the world offers to you. Practice makes man perfect, sounds clichéd but is a ground reality.

You can tap the brain’s potential very easily. In fact, many people do it on a daily basis and they are not even aware of it.
Some simple ways to doing this is to read a book or hum your favorite song! This way you can build up your brain and tap its potential to the fullest.

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