Unusual Ways to Solve Problems

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There are many ways you can solve problems. Below are some problem solving techniques, for all kinds of things like dealing with personal issues to creating new business ideas. Firstly, remember the public library, it has all kinds of books dealing with all kind of issues like relationship problems, health problems and others. With the help of computer it is getting easier to find book with the help of the computer indexes that most libraries possess. But if you were looking for creative ways to solve problems, without leaving the comforts of you home, then just keep reading.

Imagine the Bizarre
“Imagining the bizarre” is one problem solving technique. Shopping networks and the internet allow for people to get their very own personalized store at their home, although this idea might have sounded bizarre at the time. You may be able to solve a lot of problems if you would just consider the ideas that you sidelined earlier, branding them as “bizarre”. How do u think the “Wheelpacker” was created? As backpackers feel exhausted while carrying heavy packs, someone had the "crazy" idea, "What if backpacks had wheels?" and the rest is history.

You should first think of some bizarre solutions or ideas connected to the issue at hand. Then just let your mind ponder on then for a while and see what comes out. Suppose you can’t "imagine the Bizarre", then "assume the opposite. For example if you “Need to lower expenses”? Then Imagine you need to raise them instead. Try to think on that for a while, and you are on your way to creative problem-solving.

Trigger Problems Yourself to Solve Them
An additional way is to ask how you can cause them to find a way to solve problems. Personal problems can be solved buy this method. Over stressed? What can cause you to be over stressed? Things like….make too many promises, inadequate sleep, be constantly interrupted, and be indecisive about many things, and so on. These causes and more can probably give you and insight on how u can decrease it: reduce the promises, increase your amount of sleep, block out the interruptions, and take the small decisions now, and do away with them, and so on.

Increase customer base? What can we do to scare them? The argument that I am trying to put across is looking at only the problem with a view of "how do I solve it?" you might draw up solutions established on your hidden assumptions. If we consider the earlier example of stress and think that the cause is only having too many things to do, you may blind yourself to other solutions out there. Thus you can find more ways to solve problems buy thinking of ways to cause them.

Even More Ways
The Internet, Google, another search engine, use them to search for issues related to your situation and see what you get. If you have a business problem, search for a website of a company that is similar to yours. You may be able to find solutions to problems similar to yours.

I will be adding more problem solving techniques. So do keep checking here.

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