Belief and Attraction Are Deeply Linked

The beliefs that you have inculcated in your mind till now play a very important role in what you attract into your life. Surprised on hearing this? I am sure you must have come across people who ponder why some things happen to them only. If you analyze a bit you will realize that their beliefs made those things happen. So examine your own beliefs. Who knows, they might be the reason you not achieving things you wish.

To put it more clearly, I will give you an example. Every actions we do is as a result of our attitude. And every action has a result. Thus our attitude makes us act in a particular fashion and hence is responsible for the results too. Let me give you an instance:
Assume that you are at a party where the participants include both humans and Martians. Now we are all conditioned to believe that Martians are thieves, cheaters and not at all trustworthy. Now, suppose after about half an hour at the party you find that you have lost your wrist watch. How would you react?

You will obviously suspect the Martians of stealing your watch. And now you interrogate each and every Martian about your watch. You bad mouth them and end up fighting with them. In the meanwhile, one of your pals finds the watch and after finding you hands it over to you. He tells that you had forgotten it on the kitchen table.

Thus, your belief that Martians are thieves attracted a fight. Beliefs shape up your attitude and govern the pattern of your behavior. So do examine the beliefs that you currently have and find out if there are any that are hindering things that you want from coming to you.

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