How to Become Fit – Attracting Good Things

Do you know that it is possible to lose weight with help of your thoughts only! Yes this is indeed true. You need to do certain things if you desire to be successful.

The first and foremost thing is to get rid of the negative thoughts related to weight. You are always lectured that eating a particular dish will make you fat. Or some attribute the excess weight as hereditary. Your family members say that losing weight is much more hard once you cross 40 – all such thoughts gradually become the truth for us since we start believing in them over a period of time. Even if you try hard to lose weight, your beliefs and thoughts have made it an impossible task. What you believe has a lot of bearing if your efforts will bear you results or not.

The next step you have to do is look at the thoughts and beliefs you carry regarding exercise, fitness and diet. Remember what you believe in is the truth for you – so if you think sitting at the desk with not much of physical activity will get you fat, you will for sure gain weight. The results we expect also decides what really occurs. So in order to have the right results you will have to change your thoughts. Change your thoughts and see the difference you experience in the results too. You can be entirely in control and can work towards achieving the results you desire.

We relate our bodies to our self image. But you are wrong in believing so. It is your skills, your attitude , your abilities and your heart that defines you. it is not your body that is the real you. But how you think about your body will affect a lot of things. So change the way you think. On looking into the mirror do you feel sad and depressed? It is this negative energy that is responsible for your weight gain. Whenever you are thinking negative, you attract thinks alike.

Hence if you want to do good to yourself and want to get fit, you have to be open and not be prejudiced. You should care for your body so that you lead a healthy and happy life. So the first step is to start loving yourself. Look into the mirror and feel good about yourself. Try this for some days and you will definitely be better. You will soon be inspired to change your thoughts into positives so that you also attract good things that will make your body fit and healthy.

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