Law of Attraction and Skeptics

You have heard what critics say. They believe that the Law of Attraction is detrimental to an individual because it makes people think only about themselves and they become selfish.

Kindly ignore them.

Skeptics can always criticize anything and anybody because they don’t believe it and don’t want others to believe. They somehow think that they are right and want others to believe in them only. But there are things which cannot be touched, they can only be felt.

So, what do we do? Attack the criticizers? Definitely no. Because if you are among the followers of law of attraction , you will know that it is about allowing others to have their own opinion and perceptions. It is these that create the world for you. hence let the skeptics remain in their world.

What feels right for you should be the one followed by you. If you think the Law of Attraction is true, follow it. Same is the case with any other kind of belief. What I oppose is isolating or hampering the right of any person to believe in whatever he/she feels is true.

It’s very strange that people believe someone who are aggressive and think their opinion as their own. You can listen and believe what others tell you or you can think for yourself and create your own persona and world. It’s in your hands to be a person who is self dependent for decisions and creation of your world or the person who is gullible. You can be a person who goes ahead with executing what you believe in and not what others tell you.

The Law of Attraction as great power. It gives others the hope that they can be what they have always wanted to be. This is not being selfish. It is a way to take initiative as to what you want to become. This is being responsible for your own life. There is nothing wrong if one takes up matters pertaining to their lives in their hands and goes about achieving their goals.

So you are doing your best to stay in an optimistic mood, imagining your success, when you happen to buy magazine with an article, describing The Law of Attraction from the skeptic’s point of view. You read the article…

Hence don’t do that.

It will be really very bad to be hurt by a person who is oblivious about the potential of law of Attraction. He doesn’t have a right to tell you anything negative. If you don’t want to believe his opinion you are free to do so. What the other person is doing is creating his/her own world and wants you to get involved in it. But you are free to do what you wish. If you don’t want to join him, continue your life same way as you were feeling before you met him.

No one can enter your world unless you want them to. This is what the critics want to do. What the skeptics think is that their opinion will do good to you. what they don’t realize is the fact it is you only who can think best about your life. Don’t let their view pull you back; go on building your own world as beautiful as you want.

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