The Law of Attraction: Basics

The law of attraction is the latest buzz these days. There is a lot being said and discussed about the law of attraction which could make things complicated. Any law follows rules. The law of attraction is no exception. Just like aerodynamics, law of attraction also follows some basic rules. It is better to gain knowledge about these rules so as to use them for your advantage. The 3 rules of Law of Attraction are:

1. You attract things similar to you.

Invariably, you will end up attracting things similar to you. If you are unhygienic, so will be your style of living. You will grapple with a lot of health related issues, since you are unhealthy. So to attract what you want, you have to put efforts into becoming like that. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle you have to become healthy. Hence, if you find that you attract things you don’t want, take a stock of who you really are. To attract what you want you have to transform yourself.

2. What you attract is driven by what you believe in.

Your belief system has a lot of hand in building and shaping your attitude. The fruits of your actions that you perform are very much dependent on what attitude you carry. Success can only come to you if you believe in yourself. Attitude is the key which shapes your actions and ultimately will result in success or failure.

3. The mantra to attract things you want - Change.

Change is the only thing permanent in life. It may sound clichéd but it is a well known fact. If you want to achieve something you have to put in efforts to change. The change that you bring into your life will result in you attracting better things. If can successfully bring about a drastic change in yourself, you will definitely see far better things getting attracted into your life.

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